Update for September 2022 as follows. Apologies for lack of updates in general on here. I’ve been a bit busy!

Monthly Branch Meeting

Thanks to all who attended last night’s meeting. All the LUSC minutes were read through and feedback from the SAB group. Main issues so far are the on going ticket problems.


There are STILL teething issues since the move from Advanced Ticketing across to SeatGeek by Leeds United. You’d have thought by now, things would be sorted but despite the fact that SeatGeek sell themselves as one of the top ticketing platforms in the world, supporting a plethora of global  sports clubs / entertainment venues, it STILL isn’t fully working. If it were me, I would have negotiated something (seeing as Leeds United has such a massive global media presence) and would be asking for guaranteed full customer satisfaction or your money back. I think that is the appropriate Americanism. Sadly though, given the reports of the long queues at matchday at the ticket office, there isn’t much customer satisfaction at this time. Although I am pretty sure that those who told the club that they wanted to “do everything on their phones” are quite happy to stand in the massive queues at the Kop, which snake round to the North East corner fanzone. They won’t be so pleased when it is pissing it down with rain and snow in a Force 10 gale in December, and they are freezing their b**llocks off, but I’m sure the feedback to Leeds will be that it is all fine and dandy, and like DJ Pied Piper and the Master of Ceremonies, they are “loving it , loving it, loving it”. The message from Leeds United is “turn up early to avoid disappointment”, but why would you turn up early to stand around outside in a massive queue? When you do get in early, what choice of entertainment and refreshments have you got to while away the time to kick off? The beer is awful, the food is crap and it’s all overpriced. We’re in Yorkshire, not London. It’s a cost of living crisis, just in case you haven’t noticed. I digress, The Chairman and others had problems with the autocup thing for Barnsley, Taff didn’t get his ST card til the Everton game and Dave from Ripon was refused at the turnstile. Members who have been paid up Gold / Platinum / Silver members for decades, didn’t get their 10 year “loyalty” bonus without having to ask. I’m not even going to go into the problems ordering away tickets, you get the gist. The Club and Seatgeek needed to do a bit more market research before they said that moving away from season ticket cards and into the digital era would be a piece of p*ss. And when the Club said that there would be plenty of help at the turnstiles for anyone struggling to get it, a steward telling people to go to the ticket office – doesn’t count as help.


I know it is a pain, but you really do have to fill in a membership form EVERY year. It’s not much to ask. You don’t even have to pay if you are over 65. Just fill it in. The forms already received are being processed and if you enclosed a stamped addressed envelope, you will be getting a fixture list with your membership card soon.

Away games

Same old, same old, re away tickets. As we knew would happen, the “loyalty” bit is being slowly eroded away as there are issues getting onto the ordering bit / basket emptying as the norm. The FFA sales are a nightmare too. Please try to get your own. We will try to run buses to all away games, as that is the main thing about being a LUSC, but it is getting harder and harder. Bournemouth will be a conundrum – we will see what happens.


Leeds United Player Sponsorship

We will pursue re sponsorship of Joffy. No news as yet, but the programme says we are still his sponsor.

Thorp Arch Event

Pete and George Curran and Spencer Tovey and his mum had a grand day out presenting Meslier with his Player Of The Season trophy. We are hoping for another event, keep your eyes and ears open.


There will be raffles to try raise funds through the season. There are a couple of shirts already, one which will be framed. Dave Rowson is going to look into an event during the World Cup for those of us who who want to take a break from watching the football being played in stadia built on the backs of slave labour.


This year sees the 40 year anniversary of the branch and 30 years of Chairman Charley on September 6th. We will look to do something in due course.