Please Don’t Stop The Goalrush…

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4 in 4, okay not quite a goalrush – but by our standards pretty damn good!

Who would have thought that we could be saying that given the turmoil of the last ten years. According to the BBC sport website, Chris Woods 5 goals so far puts him above Will Grigg, and he isn’t even on fire yet! The game on Saturday was the gift that just keeps giving, it was like getting two thirds down your Bovril and finding that you never stirred it properly and the last bit swilled around tastes that much meatier. From Janssons tackling, to a solid performance in midfield by Phillips and O Kane, Sackos pulsating runs to the goal, bit of nifty passing and we were dominant! It’s like driving past the Haribo factory in Pontefract on Starmix day and taking a huge gulp of sugary air in – buzzing!

From the off, Sackos heads to goal with a weaving run from the centre circle, but balloons it into the South Stand. Then, Ipswich goal kick, Pontus takes it off the receiving tractor boy, long ball to the waiting Wood, down the wing and bang – outside the box, just off the post. What a statement of intent! Cracking goal before half time, Bartley gets it, passes to Pablo, to Sacko, to Wood, to Dallas, to Taylor, ball across the goalmouth, Wood – goal. Fantastic bit of team play and Wood full of confidence, buzzing. Well deserved cheers from the 22k crowd at half time and everyone talking about what there is to come. The defence look rock solid, the midfield of Phillips and O Kane steadying the ship, and the interplay of Hernandez, Dallas, Sacko and Wood, showing so much creativity. Yes, the finishing could be tighter, but what matters is, they were in the right place at the right time to create the chance in the first place. It would have been great to increase our tally, we could and should have won that 4-0, but that cracking Phillips free kick saved and the chance handed to Wood on a plate by the goalie passing to him foiled, it all still shows that we have something left in the tank in the 2nd half. Last season, games were two, sometimes completely, different halves. This season, it looks like we start as we mean to go on, and it is good feeling inside.

Bristol City tomorrow, a long trip down but we have momentum on our side. There has been so much talk about Jansson, but Captain Bartley is doing a brilliant job, and even if Bridcutt is fit, I would still give the armband to Bartley anyday. Our defence is getting stronger and stronger with the 3 new lads, Bartley, Jansson and Ayling. At times on Saturday it was like watching Streets Of Rage with Axel and Adam Stone (if you don’t get this look it up). All it needed was the Pine Pot sign and that Casio keyboard music. Can’t say that Ayling bears any resemblance to Blaze apart from the hair, but Blaze was always the better kicker, and therefore the best two player combination was always Axel and Blaze……

Get your game on!

streets-of-rage-japan axel-aloneaxel-and-blaze

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Let It Grow..

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Let it grow, let it blossom, let it flow – Clapton – Genius. Just to be clear here – NOT the Disney princess song.

Slumming it in the West Stand on Tuesday made me think about what the Club needs to do to get itself back on kilter. To my left was a muted, sparsely populated Kop, to my right were the comfortable looking padded seats of the corporate enclosure, with even fewer Tuesday night adventurers, cue Stealers Wheel.

Hopeful that I was of seeing Tyler Denton and the side that satisfied against Luton, I must admit that the side that Monk started with was a bit more conservative than what I assumed he would play. 16 changes between us in the teams that played at the weekend apparently, Owen Coyle with bigger fish to fry than the Cup, after Blackburn glorious first win over Rotherham at the weekend. The first half was nothing to write home about after Coyle’s shot in the first minute and that save by Silvestri before the half time whistle, the game was desperate for changes by half time. There was nothing inventive in the midfield, Antonsson got little or no decent service and looked forlorn up front on his own. I’m still unsure where Roofe is meant to be playing, as he doesn’t look like a forward, but then seems detached from midfield, teething problems I suppose. Hernandez comes on in the 60th minute, and we start to see some change, a few good runs, but still lacking in the final third. Coyle sees that and raises the stakes by sticking Emnes on. The “predator” starts running amok in our defence, and Silvestri pulls off a save and clears the follow up with a punch out. Then, Hallelujah! We are definitely not going for extra time and penalties! Wood comes on for Antonsson at 70 minutes and he starts chasing everything down like a dog on a mission in a butchers shop. Then it starts coming together, first Roofe has a pop, then Hernandez balloons a shot into the Kop. Grimes comes on for a flat footed Mowatt, a couple more shots on goal and then bang, Hernandez has a shot, comes off the post or keeper pushes it to Roofe.  Roofe crosses it to poacher Wood, and in it goes! 4th round here we come! Grown, blossomed, flow-ed!

So that was the football. Now the rest….. Eight thousand and a bit! There are about 14,000 season ticket holders, granted, quite a few live a distance away, and you can’t always make it to midweek games on a school night. But come on…….I suspect that had we drawn Scum or Chelski or Arsenal, they would have found some way of getting to ER or they would have given their season ticket to someone who could. And our fans have the audacity to take the piss about other teams who don’t fill their grounds. Yes, it was expensive on the day, but given it was £15 for season ticket holders, the turn out was poor. On a previous social media post, I was told that even if ticket prices were lowered to £10 adult and £5 for kids, we still wouldn’t fill the ground. So what is the solution?

For a start, should we have got a “big” club in the draw last night rather than The Tweety Birds, and should we progress into the next round and get that “glory quarter final/semi final”, Leeds United should offer those who bothered to turn up on Tuesday first dibs £10 tickets and a bonus £10 ticket for a mate. After that, then they should charge £15 for season ticket holders. Ruthless but fair.

Secondly, we just need to put a decent run in, league and cup.

Thirdly, let’s get behind the team good and proper. Give them the confidence to go in for the kill and rather than sneak a one-nil win, lets win by a decent margin, that goal difference may count for something in the end.

What a difference 4 games makes! A fortnight ago Monk was close to losing his job and the naysayers were all doom and gloom. Now the little seedlings have sprouted, with a bit of care and attention the sky is the limit – well The Premier League is actually….

………….remember from tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow

from tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow


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September Specials

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On 10th September The Chairman said “Did Huddersfield buy that kit at a car boot sale?”

On 13th September The Chairman said “Best curry for a long time. Had grilled tilapia fish with seasoned rice followed by jam roly poly”

On 17th September The Chairman said very little! Apart from telling the staff at The Little Ale House on Cheltenham about a microbrewery that we frequent and complaining about the same song being on two cds.

To be continued……


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Issue 11 Spring 1997

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Issue 11, 20 pages of shenanigans in 1997 . An unforgettable Mad March for one Makaela Rolph and turbulent times at Tottingham. Some pictures of legendary Harrogate Branch characters – RIP Norlie Frazier. As always, please read the Disclaimer.

cnv00145 cnv00146 cnv00147 cnv00148 cnv00149 cnv00150 cnv00151 cnv00152 cnv00153 cnv00154 cnv00155 cnv00156 cnv00157 cnv00158 cnv00159 cnv00160 cnv00161 cnv00162 cnv00163 cnv00164


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Issue 10 later in 1996

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Issue 10 with memories from 1996 and a bizarre Paddington Bear piece. Articles from the 1996 LUSC Annual dinner, notably Bill Fotherby’s reception at said dinner especially when he claimed he was looking forward to our Cup Final against Arsenal (easy mistake to make seeing as it was the first Cup Final we had been in for decades, plus he was completely dedicated to our Club) and the whole of the LUSC singing “Mrs, Mrs Yeboah, Mrs Yeboah, Mrs Ye-Bo-O-Ah” to the wife of Tony Yeboah. Ah, the heady times when players would turn up in support of the Supporters! The once a year event when the team and the Club recognised their loyal fan base who turn in week in and week out to watch them play.

cnv00125 cnv00126 cnv00127 cnv00128 cnv00129 cnv00130 cnv00131 cnv00132 cnv00133 cnv00134 cnv00135 cnv00136 cnv00137 cnv00138 cnv00139 cnv00140 cnv00141 cnv00142 cnv00143 cnv00144

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