Fans Don’t Matter 2

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Thanks to the Stoke fanzine Duck for the picture. Their editorial talks about the loss of another fanzine, one of Stoke’s oldest – The Oatcake. Like our own old Harrogate fanzine “We Are Leeds”, it was something that truly reflected, in their own words,  what selected fans thought and have been thinking for the past 30 years. Gone are the days of normal fans typing stuff out on pieces of A4 and sending things off to the printers for next month’s edition to sell outside the ground. Long gone are the days when people were just allowed to write what they wanted to say without fear of repercussion or accusations of offensiveness from anyone else (Club or other fans). The fanzines of old have now been replaced by bigger, better, brighter things with colour photos and adverts from sponsors cluttering up the pages, forced into trying to keep up with modern social media platforms. Anyone who hasn’t seen our old fanzine, please have a look at it in the fanzine archive bit on the website. It will give you a glimpse into what it used to be like in the old days of the Harrogate branch.

Leeds United used to have many fanzines, The Hanging Sheep, To Ell and Back, The Square Ball to name but a few, and the LUSC newsletter – The Elland Road Roar , of course. Like many clubs, fanzines captured the feelings of the fans at the time and more often than not, reflected what the regular match attendees (home and away) were experiencing. When we travelled away, one of the  first things we looked for were the oppositions’ fanzines. These fanzines are now in sad decline. In fact any half time reading material is in decline, and now the EFL have decided that (because fans matter) clubs shouldn’t be forced to produce a matchday programme, if they don’t want to. Such is the influence of social media and other media platforms, even though programmes do sell out regularly at clubs, because fans matter so much, they aren’t needed… apparently.

The reason why this excerpt is so important, and so particularly poignant at this moment in time,  is those four sentences. Supporters are what makes a football club special: not those it employs. They are fleeting custodians. The club belongs to the supporters. Always will.

My sentiments exactly.

This blog has been my mouthpiece for the last few years and I stand by what I believe in. I have been saying this for ages. The football club belongs to it’s loyal fans.

It is good to know that these same opinions are echoed by other fans in other clubs. We have seen evidence of this, this week at Bury, in some very unfortunate circumstances. I feel for those fans. I have felt the same way once upon a time. In fact, worrying about what would happen to Leeds United is, and has been, an occupational hazard for the long standing Leeds United supporter. I think most people will remember that a decade or two ago, Leeds fans genuinely believed that by buying shares in the Club we would be investing in and securing our long term future.  Those who had money at the time showed their loyalty by buying these shares, which were then rendered worthless by the consortium that took us over not long afterwards. Like I said, occupational hazard.

Chairmen and owners will come and go, but we, the loyal fans, will always be here. Big money companies, charlatans who purport to have money and conglomerates who simply want to come in and strip the clubs of their assets to make a quick buck and throw it to the next set of lions, will always be attracted to football. They circle around like vultures, hovering over their prey, waiting for their turn to have a peck at the potentially rich pickings, especially with those clubs (like ours this last year or so) who play attractive football, and attract the advertising revenue.

Long gone are the days of the Jack Walkers and Dave Whelans, the philanthropic ones who were interested only in the football club because of football and nothing else. Jack Walker being one of the few who actually were able to buy the title and (probably) be proud of it. I can’t really ask him , can I? Modern football is about money – yes I have said it again. Money, money, money. In a rich man’s world… as ABBA so profoundly put it.

In a previous blog, I painstakingly talked about what football meant to me, and how it differed with the ones who I am unfortunate to stand next to at away games (when I can get a ticket). The ones who are basically there to chat with their mates, take selfies and jump about until they get bored and then go and chuck beer all over themselves – anything but hold their concentration for 90 minutes and watch what is going on in front of them on the pitch. These would never have the patience to get through a programme, let alone read and take in what the opposition fans think from a fanzine. Half the time I don’t think many of them can actually read what it says on their ticket and follow the simple instructions to their seat, seeing as they just go stand anywhere anyway. Who knew that being able to read the row and seat number and finding the corresponding seat could be so difficult! Literacy! Who needs it right?

So back to Bury and to comments that popped up about not feeling sorry for them. It’s worth noting that the 15 point deduction we got lumped with, was voted on by the Chairmen of the clubs not the fans. I agree some fans rubbed it in, but we all know that every club has that element of loud mouth opinionated part timers who cannot fathom the simple rules of integrity and honesty which constitute the unwritten law of football supporters.

I felt very sorry for the Bury fans.  The club has been in existence since 1885, since the beginnings of football in this country. The working class beginnings of most clubs, where factories and industries fielded their own teams, hence Arsenal (Woolwich Arsenal – munitions depot) etc. If you understand the history of a club and are aware of it’s origins, it is difficult to understand why you wouldn’t feel sympathy for an institution which has been let down by unfit and improper owners. Fans don’t matter. Take for example Wimbledon – oh the memories of Plough Lane are flooding back. Wimbledon was ripped apart. Forced to move from their old home to groundshare with Palace initially after the Taylor Report, and then the roots of the Old Crazy Gang were torn up by moving to Milton Keynes of all places, a decade or so later. Thereby causing a massive schism in the fan base.

Divisions aside, going back to what football means can also change perspectives of people. Take Roy Keane for example. Leeds fans will never forget what he did to Alfie but coming out with that “Prawn sandwich brigade” comment, acknowledging the presence of non traditional football fans in a stadium, endeared him even to the most hard nosed Leeds fan. The newcomers and bandwagon jumpers who don’t understand the heritage of the humble beginnings of football, will never understand what it means to loyally follow your team.

Everyone starts as a newcomer, you have to start somewhere, you are not born a Leeds fan – although there may be parents out there who disagree! Something happens to make you a fan of Leeds United and then stay a loyal Leeds fan. It could be that a parent takes you and you get hooked, or it could be (as in many of the International fan base) you watched us on the telly. There are many reasons why we love our club so much. Then, there are certain things that happen, that just cement your faith and loyalty (if it actually needed cementing). Bringing in Bielsa comes to mind straight away. Another highlight for me was the (at the time –  very bizarre) stroke of genius signings of two South African players Phil Masinga and Lucas Radebe. I remember that cup game against Walsall when the lights went out and Masinga got a hattrick. It wasn’t so much the hattrick, it was that not many clubs were signing players outside of Europe at that time. Who would know that 25 years later, Lucas would be what he is now.

The thing that unites us is that we are here now, we have been there before and we will still be there. We are the loyal Leeds United and we will never be defeated.


Thanks to the Stoke fanzine Duck for the photo

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Little Boxes

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Little boxes, on the hillside

One of the original and best protest songs of its generation, in fact ever. The millenials that are harping on about whatever virtue seeking project they are currently chasing could learn a thing or two about the right way to get their point across by listening to it. I’ll stick the link in, so younger viewers can get an earful of Pete Seeger. I know Malvina Reynolds did it first, but I never liked her voice and she actually went to university – Berkeley – twice!

The song is essentially about the coercion to conform.

Those of you who know me, know that I am definitely NOT a socialist, far from it in fact and I can’t be arsed to bang on about politics today. This is about what we, as football fans, are being forced into doing, by people who can and will, without a second thought, tell us what to do.

All we hear, all the time from the Real Gods of football is that fans matter.

That is one of the biggest lies you will ever hear.

Football fans, as we know them (or think we know them) don’t matter at all.

The FA, EFL, FIFA, UEFA, TV companies, the betting companies, the alcohol and caffeine/sugary drinks industry and even our own beloved club are feeding us, just enough mind, in dribs and drabs, like some sort of weird Pavlovian experiment, because they know that we will keep coming back no matter what they do to us. The daft thing is – it’s true – we will.

Football, as I knew it, was all about going to games. Not just the 90 minutes on the pitch, but as is the tradition with our branch (and probably many other branches), a drink, a laugh with people who you only ever saw at football, a trip out to somewhere new, or to the regular annual pubstop and then a trip home in a drunken state, ending up with a late night kebab stood outside the Grand Theatre waiting for the last bus home or 2 for 1 pizza at Chicos, even if you didn’t want the other one. Great days!

Not now.

Those days are long gone and my generation of football fan barely exists.

Football fans nowadays are comprised of :

1) People , potentially, many thousands of miles away from the actual game who aren’t necessarily interested in the game, just what’s going to happen in it. Armchair fans who are basically waiting to see if and when there are any goals, yellow cards, red cards, corners, free kicks, whatever gets their bet in or their fantasy league points up.

No?  Yeah – like you haven’t done this before – you ACCA loving hypocrites.

2) People who have decided that they ought to like some sort of sport but haven’t actually honed in on one. But think they best belong to something, so it might as well be whatever happens to be popular at the time, and then they’ll change their minds when something better trending comes up. But whilst they are supporting sport, they are better sport supporters than anyone else who has ever been a sport supporter, and have the home and away shirts plus the pen, pencil and pencil sharpener to prove it or the mobile device case and ring tone. Oh, and their twitter handle and facebook name have the letters of their sports club in it as well.

3) People who used to go to games but then bigger priorities have forced them out, like children, wives / husbands, jobs, money etc. and now want to come back to watch games but can only watch it on the telly

4) Overseas fans who are desperate to get the opportunity to go watch a live game but realistically have a snowballs chance in hell unless they have won the lottery

5) People who go to watch games when they can, but it’s not the  “be all and end all”, and it depends on how many brownie points it can score with the missus if they take the kids off her hands for the day. Plus if the  rugby is on, they’ll go there instead because you can drink in the stand

6) People who go to games when they can regardless of how many brownie points they’ll get knocked off for spending the day out drinking with their mates and coming home in a state

7) People who have a season ticket who will go when they want to, but not bother when it’s a crappy lower league team in the second round of the cup on a rainy night in February.

8) People who have a season ticket and will go to a crappy second round cup tie even if it is a 700+ mile round trip and they have to have yet another tooth removed because of root canal surgery according to their manager’s sickness absence record.

9) Season ticket holders, who go to all games bar floods, locust plagues, tornados and the wedding anniversary

10) Season ticket holders and away season ticket holders who have activated their auto cup schemes who go to all games regardless of anything

11) Me and my miserable git mates

10 different types of fan profile that I can write off the top of my head and probably more sub sections available in each grouping. My point is which group of fans benefit the Real Gods of football more? It certainly isn’t the last 3 is it?

Yet we are told that fans matter.

We are no longer fans, we are customers. But we aren’t really customers because if we were true customers, i.e. consumers of a product, we would have a choice, and if we didn’t like what we were getting we could just go somewhere else. But we can’t and we won’t , because we are Leeds. And they know it. Like with SkyTVisf**kings**t.  What choice do we have? BT but no SkySportsLeeds? Virgin with BT sport? Not going to happen, is it? We are a captive audience.

The EFL have decided that all 72 teams should sign up and all be part of the EFL Trusts network. The EFL state that all clubs should actively involve a supporters group which should meet up at least twice a year to hear fans views. There are lots of things that the EFL feel that all 72 clubs should be signed up to doing – because fans matter.

In part I can see where they are coming from re input from fans, but who chooses the fans they engage with? The fans or the Club? Plus the last time Leeds United engaged with the fans, the result was that new crest!!! Don’t need reminding about that!

The EFL are putting Leeds United, with it’s massive world wide fan base and a massive away following, in with the likes of purely local fan based groups e.g. Forest Green Rovers, and the likes of Boro, say, who although are in our league, barely take a taxi full to an away game (I’m exaggerating slightly but you know what I mean). The EFL are also assuming that trusts are the way forward for all football fans. Don’t get me wrong, it seemed to work with Swansea (but they aren’t in England??) but how exactly did the EFL and FA help and are helping, the likes of Bury, Blackpool, Bolton, Blackburn (and these are just the B’s) when it comes to reigning in the errant owners by signing up to their grand “because fans matter” plan?

Simple answer, their Grand Plan hasn’t worked at all.  They haven’t been able to stop owners / Chairman bringing ordinary match attending fans to their knees. They don’t have that power and even if they did, would they actually pull their finger out and do it? It’s all bobbins. This isn’t a recent thing either, it goes way back to the debacle at Coventry and Charlton (the C’s now) when it was just down to the Football League, before the Premier League broke away, probably even further. Fans don’t matter.

Leeds United are in a unique situation. Not just because we used to be great and now we are (hopefully not for much longer) a bit crap. Look at Forest, not that I think they ever endured Division 3 football as badly as we did though. Not just because we have a load of season ticket holders now (not going to mention the 10,000+ that disappeared after we got relegated from the Premier League and then the other 10,000 when we hit Division 3) because the likes of Newcastle and Man City have always had decent home attendances. It’s because outside of maybe Scum, Citeh and the Scallys, our worldwide TV audience is bigger than anyone else in our league and the Premiership. Our commercial potential alone outstrips the rest of our league put together when it comes to advertising. Yet because of Harvey’s pathetic attempt at getting the EFL a “good” TV rights deal, we get peanuts for our games on the telly compared to the millions that the Southamptons and Burnleys of this world receive for their dull as ditchwater drivel. (It’s also because under Bielsa we play some pretty good football).

Basically, Leeds United deserves to be paid for the entertainment we provide and the revenue streams we attract because of the football we play and the atmosphere created by the people who go to watch the games. Which is what Massimo Cellino was trying to say when he tried to stop SkyTVisf**kings**t that day (and got slated for).

Why is it so important? Because ultimately it boils down to money, FFP and balancing the books and therefore what happens on the pitch, especially in the transfer window.

Back to my original point, little boxes.

I don’t want to be put it a box because I have no need to. I don’t fit anywhere in particular and I don’t care. I just want to be allowed to follow Leeds as I have been doing for half my lifetime. I know some other fans might not feel the same.

We should just be allowed to be what we are. It’s like the dreaded Personal Development Portfolio meeting, where once a year you sit down (with your equally uninterested line manager) to answer your “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” question. Where the “on a beach sipping margueritas – anywhere but here” is not an acceptable answer. You are not allowed to be just what you are good at and leave well alone, you have to develop, you have to  be better-er.

They tell us – “We” (the EFL / FA / Leeds United)  are doing things this way because fans matter. And how do they know this? Because they have done surveys and from the information they have gathered this is how things should be. Fans have told us this, and we have acted on their wishes, because fans matter.

No, “they” are doing this, putting us into little boxes for their own selfish purposes, because it is easier for them to do it that way. They want us to go on unsocial media and press the “like” button because they will get our email addresses and our details etc. to sell on to advertising and database companies. They can say they are “actively engaging with the fans” to suit their own needs, so they can generate their own little target databases. It’s not all fans, just the ones that can be bothered to fill in their questionnaires and click the “yes, I want to be entered into a free draw for filling in this survey” button. They can say “this is what you have told us you want” so they can justify their actions. So we can be subtlety coerced into believing what they say, until it becomes the acceptable norm, convincing us that what they want is actually what we want, because in the end , that’s all that matters, not fans.

They can say “have your opportunity to have your say” – what they mean is, we will gather your information but if it doesn’t agree with what we want it to say, we’ll just manipulate it anyway to suit. I’m not saying they are doing this in a particularly malicious way either, especially the Club, because somethings have improved in certain areas. It’s just the bestest, easiest way to earn their money. It’s just business after all, but it would be nice if they were honest about it.

Whether it be how Leeds United choose to distribute the away tickets or how many times SkyTVisf**kings**t put us on the telly and f**k up our travel plans or whatever.

Fans do not matter.

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Like A Broken Record

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God I wish I had written this before I tried to order Stoke tickets! I had it all planned in my head, and, after humiliating SkyTVisf**kings**t’s Salford FC – incidentally one of the best songs ever – SkyTV are three nil down – and four points from the first 2 games, it was all going swimmingly well. We had a right laugh at the entertainment in Prestwich, not just the result but when one of the Salford fans ran on the pitch at Kiko’s end, got the ball and then tried to shoot but missed horribly, it just topped it all off. That is as much as you can top off a Beradi goal.

But, once again, my nemesis Stoke reared it’s ugly head, and like a broken record, I was dragged down to the depths of oblivion that is otherwise known as ticket ordering day.

So the chipper, cheeky observations of the closed season and our brilliant start against Bristol have now been dampened with the double dose wet blankets of “sorry the number of requested tickets exceeds the quantity available” and “please select a quantity”. Those of you who are reading this and don’t know what I am on about – count yourselves lucky!

If anyone wants to be refreshed on my opinions of away ticket selling procedures and people who will be here on in be referred to as “the people who returned their Ipswich tickets as soon as we didn’t look like we were going to get promoted”, please look back to whatever blog I did last season and the facebook posts from there. I can’t bear repeating myself as I do sound like a broken record.

So, summer summary then. We kept hold of Bielsa – THE END. Smiley emoticon.


Ok, we got rid of Pontus for a (miserly) amount of pennies, but hey – no one else came in for him and by all accounts Bielsa was never going to pick him again. There were shouts of derision all over unsocial media about the paltry fee, but if he was that good – why didn’t any other teams want him? Surely the Norwich/Burnley/Southampton/Brighton/Bournemouth mid table mediocrity / clinging-on-to-stay-in-the-Premiership clubs would be able to afford him, especially with the oodles that they get from just being in the Premiership.  But no, not even one tiny snifter from a Premier League club. The silence speaks volumes.

Roofe – Adios amigo! Shame about how often you got injured, you tried your best being played out of position for so long and when you did get your scoring boots you were on fire. I bet you were massively disappointed that the only song you really got was Rooooofe. It took a while for you to realise we were singing your name rather awkwardly, rather than throwing a load of abuse at you. Even better it put the backs up of every perpetually offended apologist, who thought they could jump on the “Leeds United are a bunch of racists” bandwagon because they couldn’t! On a positive note, you aren’t going to miss all those Leeds fans who constantly slagged you off (you know who you are!!!). I hope the Anderlecht fans reward you with a better song but realistically a few more clinical finishes may have got us promoted and you may have signed another contract for us, had we gone up. But then we wouldn’t have got Eddie Nketiah who was class last night. 7 million is not so bad a deal. At least the Anderlecht fans will never be able to slate you as much as Leeds fans did, as Flemish is hardly recognisable as a proper language. (Oh no, the apologists are going to have a pop at me now for being Flemish intolerant.)

Clarke – as about unexpected as a conclusion in an episode of Roald Dahl’s Tales of The Unexpected 1970’s television series, – he got sold. After those fantastic runs in from the wing last season, being paraded on SkyTVisf**kings**t and the EFL show on Quest (how do I go about getting money for promoting them) and probably helped on by a load of chelping from his agent, he went to a bigger club for bigger bucks. As the phrase goes – no s**t Sherlock. Great that Spurs have let us have him back ( seeing as he was never going to play for their first team anyway this season) but with Costa and Harrison here now, and young Jamie Shackleton on the up – how many starts are you going to get with us this season?

FFP and balancing the books. I’m not going to bore you all by pretending I know the ins and outs of it – because like 95% of football fans in this country, I haven’t got a clue. It was made up by a group of people who’s only goal is to keep the “bigger” teams where they were and to make sure none of the “smaller” teams would never get the chance to usurp the “bigger” ones. It’s another example of changing the goalposts, just so it keeps everyone in their rightful place. It’s a bit like after Watford got promoted with almost an entire team of Italian loan players and then the season after they bought in a new regulation about the maximum number of loan players you can have in a team… But FFP is much more about money. How much you have, how much you can “lie” about what you have, how creative your “accountant” is, how good the lawyers are when it comes to finding loopholes, how many times you can sell your ground and then buy it back for pittance, how good you are at getting a “sponsor” to pay the wages of your coach… the list is endless. But like most things it boils down to money.

The long and short of all of this, is that what happened in the summer happened. We still have Bielsa and that is good enough for me. We have lost players but judging by our massive (7) changes to the team – unlike the 11 changes we and other clubs have made previously in the Cup early rounds, we play really well still. There is so much that happens behind closed doors, and short of bugging the offices at ER, we will NEVER know what has truly gone on. We, as fans , are just left with what we have, and it’s still looking good. As for what has really happened, the truth…? I’m not too fussed – I can’t take the rumours, let alone the facts! The only thing that matters is – we go again!


thanks to googleimages for this picture

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Bristol Bobbins: Bring Back Smog or How To Lose Your Tufty Club Badge….

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1st away of the season, sees our intrepid Chairman triumph by exploring and solving the climate change conundrum and then fall mercilessly (literally – almost) from grace by ignoring all the advice from the 1970s public road safety campaigns in pursuit of a tenner.

Climate change: (this all stemmed from a discussion about how the ridiculous media were slating the “shoddy” workmanship of the Victorian builders of the dam which has been damaged, despite the fact they built the dam in 1835 with wheelbarrows, spades and forks, no heavy machinery at all… and it is/was still standing after 175+years, up until 3 days ago)

The Chairman: All this climate change crap, it’s all rubbish. These stupid scientists spouting on about the environment, just a bunch of clowns.

A: Eh?

Chairman: Well in the 70s we were all being told to expect another Ice Age. And if all this climate change is due to humans, what pollution did the cavemen do to cause the first Ice Age then?

A: Point taken

Chairman: Then scientists in the 80s told us the hole in the ozone layer was going to get bigger and we would be fried to a crisp by the year 2000 . What’s happened to that hole? Oh it’s gone now. We’ve cured it. Humans cured it.

A: Difficult to argue with that.

Chairman: And remember when all the cities had smog?

A: No! When were you born?

Chairman: No I do. I remember Smog. A thick layer of it, no one could breathe, you could just see it hanging there for ages, a cloud of it.

A: ?

Chairman: We cured it. There was no climate problems back in the olden days. Bring back Smog. Simple. I’m gonna get that on a T shirt – Bring Back Smog

The Lunch of Terror: Tufty Club badge holder? Hang your head in shame.

For some bizarre reason The Chairman chose to treat the first ex Knaresborough Branch Secretary, Dave Rowson to a romantic Chinese luncheon at our refreshment stop.

Why? Who knows? Maybe the traditional away day repast of ‘Spoons mixed grill or All Day Breakfast didn’t take The Chairman’s fancy yesterday? Who knows what goes on in the comms chair of The Chairmans brain?  Unfortunately, for reasons which don’t need to be expanded on, neither of them could tell us exactly what they ended up eating which kept us on tenterhooks for – oh at least 60 seconds. Eventually it transpired that whatever they did eat involved a lot of Tiger beer and rice. Special fried or just plain boiled, is anyone’s guess. However, on leaving the Chinese, The Chairman made a schoolboy error dealing with his change. The famous, normally infallible inside pocket, came a cropper and a gust of wind caught that tenner and whisked it out into the road. It was like a 70’s style public infomercial in slow mo. And, just like the very traffic unconscious children of the 70s, The Chairman just ran out into the road chasing after a fluttering tenner. (In the 70’s it wouldn’t have been a tenner, it would have been a ten shilling note. If a ten shilling note had fluttered into the road in the 70s the cars would have been run over by the crowd of people chasing it). A scene of astonishment, confusion and bewilderment ensued. With onlookers aghast, holding their breath at the impending carnage, perhaps the imminent demise of The Chairman. Oh No! What would his 4,000+ followers do? Reports were, that The Chairman weaved across the road in a completely rabid Benny Hill moment with the ghost of the now pensioner squirrel, Tufty, standing at the pavement’s edge screaming “Stop, Look and Listen – you fool, how hard is it to remember?”.

The Chairman is herewith no longer a member of the Tufty Club.

Thanks to the badge collectors uk for this picture





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July 2019

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The summer is over and the season begins on Sunday.

Monthly Branch Meeting

The last meeting was the AGM (write up soon- less heavily redacted speech from Mr Rowson) and as we will be coming back from Bristol on Sunday, the next monthly branch meeting will be Sunday 11th August, 8pm, the Londesborough Club, Bower Road, Harrogate. Anyone who hasn’t paid their subs and isn’t coming to Bristol can bring their pennies and completed forms along with them on the night please. Please try to attend your branch meeting, as it is the best way to book on for away games and keep up to date with what’s going on.


The Membership Secretary is alive and kicking, and currently heavily burdened with processing the renewal forms. He thanks everyone who has included a stamped addressed envelope for the returns. Most of you will receive your membership cards and free (branch has paid for them) Leeds United Supporters Club centenary wallet in the post in the next few days. Anyone who hasn’t yet received a renewal form will be able to fill one in on the bus on Sunday otherwise please get in touch , usual channels.

Away Games

As usual we will order tickets for away games for people who cannot order their own on ticket sale day and have a valid Leeds United customer number. We CANNOT guarantee that we will get all the tickets required, as it is wholly dictated by Leeds United’s selling arrangements and the reliability of T’internet connection. The only way to ensure you get a ticket is to order your own. If anyone wants any home tickets ordering, please can you get in touch as soon as, as again, if the team are doing well, home tickets will be in short supply.

The departure details have been posted on facebook for Bristol.

Salford have only given us 1400 or so tickets, so after deducting the ASTs, it only leaves a paltry amount for us plebs. Alternative transport arrangements will have to decide after the appropriate discussions have taken place with any other interested parties.


Social Media

The public facebook page was changed by facebook for whatever reason they did. We will try to change the name back to Harrogate Whites if they let us. Not completely sure what went on but either way, they have done it. The website continues to be put on the backburner behind facebook but at some point the pictures from the BBQ and preseason will be posted. All departure details will be posted on the CLOSED facebook group only, and you need to have filled in your membership form in order to be in that closed group.

Centenary Goods

We will be selling the bags, wristbands,glasses, car stickers etc. in earnest from now on. All in aid of our sponsorship of Ryan (see below) and the now obligatory end of season BBQ. We don’t have paypal, but you can request stuff to be brought to the monthly branch meetings or on the bus,

Ryan’s Sponsorship

It was agreed at the AGM that we go for the silver sponsorship package for Ryan this season, plus if we went for the Gold package our former secretary would have probably imploded. It would have got very messy. Hopefully we will get our official certificate in the post this year. This package includes invitational places at a training session at Thorp Arch and hospitality tickets to a home game (date/time etc. to be confirmed by the Club) as well as a shirt. We will look to raffle these off to raise funds for our (hopefully) future continued sponsorship of Ryan as he makes his mark on the first team this season. Any help with these raffles and any other fundraising activity is most welcome. I probably don’t need to remind you that the branch is a not for profit organisation, but like Leeds United we need to make ends meet and our outgoings must be balanced by other forms of income.

Lastly, anyone who can help out on the website (uses wordpress), please get in contact. The website is viewed more often than we think and it is a worthwhile opportunity to publicise the branch and the LUSC as a whole.

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