Never Stop Fighting Til The Fight Is Done

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Those of you who know me well, know of my admiration of the great Brian De Palma. One of my favourite films is the epic, The Untouchables. Not just for the cinematography of the sweeping Chicago skyline. Nor for the attention to detail of the costumery by Giorgio Armani. Not even for that fantastic Oscar winning performance by Sean Connery and his perfect delivery of that tremendous Irish accent. No, it has to be for the classic one liners. One of my favourite ones (see the picture below) is – “never stop fighting til the fight is over”  Eliot Ness to Capone in the final courtroom scene. Never stop until it is done.

And that is what happened today, and at Villa on Sunday. Never stop until it is over.

I have just been watching the Red Button version of our game on SkyTVis f**kings**t. When Roofe makes it 2-2 he runs straight back to the centre circle, shouting for everyone else to restart the game. When Roofe scores the winner, Bielsa can be seen on the touchline screaming for everyone to get back to the centre circle, for ANOTHER goal. None of this sitting back on your laurels business. None of the wild celebrating thinking you have won the game (like Blackburn – ha ha ha ha ha). No.  Back to business. Back to scoring another goal.

If Blackburn hadn’t spent so long wasting time in vain doing their inglorious celebrations, who knows? There may not have been so much injury time, and we may not have been able to score the winner.

So you’d think everyone would be happy following the last two games. The last two games where EVERY man played til the end, fighting for that win. Two of the most exciting games of football this Christmas. Two games where we turned it around, clawing back to victory from certain defeat. Two games when we were foiled by the ref and the linesmen at every turn. Everything against us (including the post and the crossbar). Against all odds, we won. We are unbeaten in 7, 7 wins in a row since the minor blip at West Brom.

22 year old Bailey Peacock Farrell had kept 3 clean sheets against Reading (including THAT penalty save), T’Blades and Bolton. He is still learning his trade. Alioski is still only in his second season playing in this league, battling not only a different style of football, but also being played in different positions on the pitch, sometimes covering as a left back. Between them, they probably make the same number of mistakes as Hernandez and Jansson do.  Unlike Pablo and Pontus however, BPF and Alioski get mercilessly boo-ed when they do something wrong. Leeds fans just don’t ever learn. Look at what all the constant booing and aggro did to Roofe when he first came to the Club. It knocked his confidence to rock bottom. It’s only thanks to Bielsa and sheer persistence that Roofe is what he is today, our top goal scorer. 5 goals in 4 games. According to BBC website he has scored 13 goals this season. It’s not even 2019 yet and he spent a month out injured.

At 1-2 down today, people were leaving in their droves. The day trippers who haven’t been to a Leeds game in ages sloping off, muttering “same old sh*te again”, you just couldn’t hold out could you? And, in the words of the great Jim Bowen, let’s look at what you could have won.. 2 goals in injury time, yet another turnaround. So the question is.. why would you? If you have paid your money and saved up all those brownie points all year from your missus and the kids, so you can go watch Leeds for one game, why leave before the end? The mind boggles.

The criticism wasn’t just from them though. Even as we were walking away from the ground, all you could hear was, “we need a decent keeper and a proper forward”. Eh? What game were you watching? We are top of the league. We have a massive goal difference. 7 wins on the trot. Jeez, what would they be saying if we were midtable and only two goals to the good? They’d be wanting two goalies, two forwards and a whole midfield.  I shudder to think what people would be saying if we were bottom of the league, battling relegation. There would be some sort of apoplectic crisis going on every week, liken to some mushroom cloud nuclear explosion, wanting to clear out the whole team…

Hang about that was the end of last season wasn’t it? Good job we didn’t sell all our players in June then, eh??

Even if we bought Messi, I still wouldn’t play him in this team. We are a unit. Not just a team of 11. We are a squad of 18. A gang of 25+. A side of 50+ including the youth and academy. This is our future. If things aren’t going well on the pitch, Bielsa will change it. Or at least threaten to change it by making Lewis Baker stand on the touchline! We do not need mercenary journeymen like we did in the days of Colin. We need to invest in what we have got. We are already the envy of most of the league, and indeed the Premiership. Constant whingeing about needing to bring more in is beyond ridiculous.

No one else could have done what we did today in the last 10 minutes of that game. Even Norwich, the crown princes of the 95+ minutes goals, could not do what we did today AND against Villa on Sunday (with one day less recovery time thanks to SkyTVisf**kings**t). I wouldn’t drop any of them. You don’t fix what isn’t broken. Yes, Cooper is out, as is Beradi and Bamford, and Izzy Brown has yet to kick a ball in anger. But I wouldn’t sideline any of our team, not whilst they can fight back like they did these last two games. Bielsa knows that he can make each player compete for their spot. He is willing to change the team at the time if he thinks it is necessary. He subbed Kalvin a few times and look at the lad now. One of the best players we have on the pitch, and still playing out of position. Talk about a utility player. We have been beset with injuries all season long, but we are top of the league. In the face of adversity ( and time wasting cheating teams and ridiculous reffing decisions), we are prevailing.

Keep the faith. Never, never stop fighting til the fighting is done. We rest when the fight is over. On On On

Never Stop Fighting Til The Fight Is Over

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Christmas Cheer

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It’s Christmas, let’s spread a bit of Christmas cheer.

We have loads of things to be happy about, which is a rarity when you are a Leeds United fan. There’s just so many positives right now, it’s hard to find where to start…let’s see (in no particular order)


Calm down, if we win on Sunday, we are safe from relegation for another year. Let’s just put it into perspective. Last season under TC, we had a really good run, although you’d never have thought that given the comments on unsocial media. It was only really after Ayling got taken out by Bridcutt (remember him?) at Forest that day and our injury list took hold that we started having problems. Plus then there was that little matter of fielding a terrible side and yielding to a lower league team in the cup that ground us to a halt. Yes, no one likes to be reminded of their mistakes, but we need to look back at our mistakes to go forward into the future. Like I said earlier this season, I’ll be happy with going up in second but with a decent cup run.

We are tip top, tippety top, top of the league

There is no need to put any stats up about how many times the team at the top of the league at Christmas is promoted, I’ll leave that to other sites. It is interesting though that the Scousers are currently sitting top of Division 1, and as usual Jamie Carragher is needing a nine pack of Andrex bog rolls, in an effort to curtail his excitement. There is something similar for that league in the last decade, in that the teams at the top at Christmas, have inevitably been champions, apart from Arsenal in 2007/08 (injury curse again)… and yes, you’ve guessed it, Liverpool in both 08/09 and 13/14. Could it be 3rd time lucky for the Bin Dippers? Better not be, seeing as my fantasy league team is basically built round Manchester City.

Burton are in the Semi finals of the League Cup

In the words of the great Jim Bowen, “let’s take a look at what you could have won”. I can’t stand Burton. I was ecstatic that they got relegated because having to fight to the death to get tickets for  that sh****y little excuse for a ground again would have seen me off. The only good thing about it was the fact that they served red wine in the stands, which kept me nice and warm. Dirty team of thugs who played us off the park. Grudges aside for a moment (you don’t hear me saying that very often), they did what any lower league club aspires to do every year, they scored the “Glamour Tie”, Manchester City. They’ll be rolling in the moolah after that. Enough to keep the vultures away for another season at least. I bet the Ipswiches and Boltons of this world are looking back in anger, and I reckon the Wendies will be diving down the back of the settee looking for pennies soon. The fact that Burton saw off Boro in the process makes it even funnier, and if Boro end up failing to get promoted again (hopefully), I will laugh at Pulis and Ayala. The antithesis of proper football – antifootball

SkyTVisf**kings**t is gaining momentum

Let’s all take a moment to laugh. Hahahahahaha. I watched the Forest v Derby game, and even they were singing it. In fact, not only was the “turning down the volume” tactic used, but it also sounded like they played some extra crowd noise over it. Like they used to put canned laughter on the TV shows in the 70s if they weren’t very funny. How very marvellous! Up to and including Villa, Leeds United have been on the telly 15 times this season (I think). That’s more than any other club in the EFL 72 and Division 1. Probably more than Cardiff and Huddersfield have been on, added together and multiplied by 5 – only joking – but you get the gist of it. Bonus for anyone in Oz, USA and the Far East, not so good for anyone who had planned out their holidays when the fixture list came out in June.

Patrick Bamford has got his scoring boots back

Now that he is fit (finally), within five minutes of coming on, he scored against Bolton. It was a scrappy affair, but a win is a win. 3 points is 3 points, no matter how you get them.

Leeds United were awarded a penalty!!

Our last penalty had been October 14th 2017, when Pablo ( in one of his worse runs of form) toe poked the ball straight to the keeper. But when Kemar Roofe wrestled the ball from Pablo’s clutches at home against QPR on 8th December, I knew we had turned the corner. Actually I didn’t, but I was so relieved Roofe was taking it, it was almost like we had scored anyway. I haven’t heard if the referee that day, Peter Banks, is still alive and kicking, but one of the QPR fan websites was calling him Mr Guessit, so they clearly aren’t happy with him. It doesn’t matter anyway, we scored, McLaren moaned (nothing new there then) and we won. If we have to wait that long again for another one, so be it.

They’ve given up with the yellow cards and penalties for fouls in the box when taking corners and free kicks

We were never going to get a penalty from these situations anyway, this is just for Beradi’s sake when he gets back in the team


Enough said. The End


Santa and some fat bloke in a red suit




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Inappropriate Christmas presents

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Festive theme to the Chairman’s chatter at Bolton last week. The burning question on the Chairman’s lips……

Q: What would be your ideal Christmas gift?

A: Euromillions lottery win

Q: No, if you were to choose what gift you got from the three wise men, what would it be?

A: Gold

Q: You can’t choose gold, because everyone would choose gold, has to be frankincense or myrrh

A: Not much of a choice there then. Presume can’t have Frankenstein, that would be an excellent gift.

Q: ?

A: Great bodyguard, see off King Herod’s lot

Q: No. What would you prefer? Frankincense or myrrh? What is myrrh anyway?

A: Some sort of perfume oil thing, are you sure I can’t have Frankinstein?

Q: No, what’s frankincense then?

A: Another perfume thing, it’s probably worth a lot of money

Q: Why would you give that to a baby? That’s probably the most inappropriate gift for a baby. What’s it going to do with perfume?

A: Given He was born in a stable, crib for a bed, don’t think he was particularly choosy about what he got. Probably really grateful

Dave Rowson: See how much you can get it for on Ebay. Oh look £5.99 for frankincense

Chairman: Well that’s not worth it then

A: Perfume was very expensive in those days, probably would have got a lot more for it. There’s some sort of whale blubber product that goes into making perfume, that’s worth a lot of money

Chairman: How’s he going to get whale blubber?

A: I don’t think the three wise men had whale blubber, they crossed the desert.

Chairman: Still better than a pair of socks I suppose


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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

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Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! And, no, it’s not too early as The Chairman has already started to put his Christmas songs on facebook. So there!

Monthly Branch Meeting

Many thanks for all who attended the meeting yesterday at The Londesborough Club. The meeting was started with a minutes silence in memory of our dear friend Des Yates, who left us to join his dad, Paul Madeley, Billy and Don up there.

The Secretary thanked everyone who had put their names down for draw to present Saiz with his LUSC Player of The Season trophy at the QPR game this Saturday. Unfortunately none of the branch members were lucky enough and Phil Barrett from Scarborough LUSC won it and has volunteered the presentation be given to a member of Devon LUSC.


The Membership Secretary has been observed skulking around various drinking emporiums in Harrogate by Dave Rowson. The Secretary and The MPO have tentative arrangements to meet him for a spot of tea on Tuesday to ensure that membership paperwork is handed over in a timely fashion. Anyone who has not received their membership cards etc. please get in contact if you do not receive them before Christmas.

Away games

The coach for Bolton is full and there is a wait list for travel. Because of the calamity that is Leeds United ticketing website on free for all day, despite the large (4k+) allocation, we only managed to order a limited amount of tickets. We had originally thought we would be able to take two buses, but given we scarcely got enough for one bus, we are now only taking the 53 seater. Bookings are currently being taken for Villa and Forest. As soon as the ticketing details have been announced, we will let everyone know. Same applies for the up coming FA Cup 3rd round. Seeing as Leeds United have chosen to enter a team, let’s hope they are actually intending on taking part. Participating slightly more than they did in the League Cup. I would like to take this opportunity to say that anyone who is already saying that the League is more important than the FA Cup will obviously NOT want to go to West Ham away or any other glamour side should this be the result of the draw.


The Secretary and The MPO will be at Des’s service on Thursday 6th December. 11.40 at Stonefall and then on to Nineteen Nineteen Venue at Harrogate Town. I am sure that anyone who knew Des through his love of Leeds United, branch members old and new, will be most welcome to give him a good send off.

The MPO won £200 in 250 draw.

The FREE prize draw winners are as below:

431 – Smuff – Leeds United Kappa Snood

422 – Steve Smith – Leeds United boxed pen

433 – Chris Smith – Leeds United key ring (sorry no Strongbow)

494 – Paul Yates –  Leeds United shirt (Andy’s Christmas present sorted then!!)

427 – The Secretary – Leeds United Chocolate Easter Egg (still in date by 3 months) and mug

428 – Dave Poole – Leeds United Snood (No 24)

429 – Dave Rowson – (No lucky number 58 but 29 x 2 is technically 58) Leeds United shirt (Jamie’s Christmas present sorted)

420 – Makaela Rolph – Leeds United training top (hopefully will fit Eva eventually)

421 – Jack Pedel – Leeds United training top

432 – Fozzie – nice boxed Leeds United 1992 Champions Pen

424 – Geoff Howarth – Leeds United Leather Key Ring

435 – Wilko – Leeds United badge key ring

434 – Jakey Wilko Jnr – Leeds United training top

Thank you for everyone who took part

It was voted unanimously that at the next branch meeting in the New Year that everyone who turns up will get a free drink on the branch to cheer in the New Year.




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