Festive theme to the Chairman’s chatter at Bolton last week. The burning question on the Chairman’s lips……

Q: What would be your ideal Christmas gift?

A: Euromillions lottery win

Q: No, if you were to choose what gift you got from the three wise men, what would it be?

A: Gold

Q: You can’t choose gold, because everyone would choose gold, has to be frankincense or myrrh

A: Not much of a choice there then. Presume can’t have Frankenstein, that would be an excellent gift.

Q: ?

A: Great bodyguard, see off King Herod’s lot

Q: No. What would you prefer? Frankincense or myrrh? What is myrrh anyway?

A: Some sort of perfume oil thing, are you sure I can’t have Frankinstein?

Q: No, what’s frankincense then?

A: Another perfume thing, it’s probably worth a lot of money

Q: Why would you give that to a baby? That’s probably the most inappropriate gift for a baby. What’s it going to do with perfume?

A: Given He was born in a stable, crib for a bed, don’t think he was particularly choosy about what he got. Probably really grateful

Dave Rowson: See how much you can get it for on Ebay. Oh look £5.99 for frankincense

Chairman: Well that’s not worth it then

A: Perfume was very expensive in those days, probably would have got a lot more for it. There’s some sort of whale blubber product that goes into making perfume, that’s worth a lot of money

Chairman: How’s he going to get whale blubber?

A: I don’t think the three wise men had whale blubber, they crossed the desert.

Chairman: Still better than a pair of socks I suppose