May 2022 update

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Update for May 2022 includes monthly branch meeting and details regarding up coming events.

Monthly Branch Meeting

The monthly branch meeting was held on Sunday 1st May 2022 at the Londesborough Club. Thank you to all those who attended.

LUSC exec minutes were discussed as were the minutes from the SAB. Hopefully everyone managed to renew their season tickets, at least the deadline was extended to the Monday after a bit of fervent emailing about problems with the website. Dave Poole asked that the size of the font used on the scoreboard be raised once again as it is impossible to read it from where he is sat. The point was made that when our new manager told everyone at the LUSC Annual Quiz about the trip to Oz, he probably shouldn’t have. Everyone who attended the Quiz was thanked, see AOB. Memberships have closed, but two new members have already filled in forms for next season. Deputy Yates was reminded that even he has to fill in a renewal form. The two raffle prizes for the hospitality tickets raised just short of £1000. Thanks to all who bought tickets, it will go some way to the cost of the sponsorship of Joffy. We are ok finance wise for travel for this season, and with the help of the football cards etc. it will go some way to mitigate any losses we will sustain for the next two aways where tickets are scarce, Brentford especially. We will look to run a bus to Brentford and share with another branch for our potential final game (!!!). Annual BBQ (see AOB) was discussed and trip to Bradford. There will be no further monthly branch meetings this season. The next official meeting will be the AGM in July (date to be confirmed). The next time we meet up will be at the Annual BBQ.

Any Other Business

Annual LUSC Quiz

The Annual LUSC Quiz was held in the Eddie Gray Suite on Thursday 14th April. Thanks to all who attended. There was a lively question and answer session with the new manager who turned up with his lad. He was particularly helpful with the situation with pre season, even though he wasn’t meant to, and really he could have talked all night but we had to start the quiz at some point before we got kicked out. Our branch plus Ripon turned out a decent showing. Team Deputy Yates, comprising of The Deputy, James Proctor and Ricky Greenwood (Rob Cartman stuck on motorway) did the best of all of us coming 6th out of 17 or 18, with Griffin and Fullerton on form, the rest of us didn’t stick chance. The rest of our teams comprising of Ripon Mark, Jordan and Morro, Smuff and his merry men, Messrs Dargan, Vickers and two others (who we once left behind at an away game and have forgiven us!) and us, Dave Poole and Peter Hart did our very best, but at least none of us came last. Next year, more revising, less drink. Remember, there’s always a question about the superbowl (that’s american football to you and me) and there will be one on some obscure TV programme that no one watches. The Choir? What’s that all about?

Annual BBQ.

The branch annual BBQ will be held on Saturday 28th May 2022. Aiming to open the doors at 2pm and the Chef to start food at 3pm. We will be ordering the usual from Addymans Butchers and Deputy Yates will look to source the vegetarian option from Asda, as well as remembering the tomato sauce. The duck and pancakes with all the usual trimmings will be available, as will the home made coleslaw and, Callum’s mum permitting, a tasty chocolate cake will add to the ice cream and meringues with fruit for dessert. As the “pay on the door” scheme to help towards BBQ costs failed last time, we will just aim to sell as many raffle tickets as possible to help out or people can just donate some money towards it. Please note, you MUST be an LUSC branch member to buy a raffle ticket.

The top two raffle prizes will be a signed and framed Leeds shirt and an autographed Kalvin Phillips boot in a case. The rest of the prizes will also include a kindly donated Ice Hockey family ticket and a Planet Ice ice skating family ticket, various other Leeds United items which have been kindly donated and some alcohol (also kindly donated). Any other donations gratefully accepted. Please let us know so we can put up a list of winning prizes in advance of the day. There will be the usual killer pool and table tennis  tournament, and hopefully it will be a good send off to the season, rather than the Premier League as a whole! We will look to invite the LUSC exec Top Table as usual and see who else we can get as well. 

Remember, the branch is a not for profit organisation. Any monies made will go straight back to our members in the form of subsidised travel, Annual Quiz and other event fees, branch costs like postage / envelopes / stationary, prizes for our raffles and next years’ Annual BBQ. Not forgetting the Player Sponsorship next season (if we can afford it).


Anyone who can make the do for Tommy and Carol in Bradford on Friday 13th May 2022  needs to get in touch as soon as poss. The branch will look to subsidise travel but we need to know numbers.

Branch AGM

This will be held on the first Sunday of July that we can sort out with the Londesborough. It normally is the same day as the main LUSC AGM. Details to follow. If anyone has any items for the agenda, please note, these need to be received in WRITING 4 weeks before the day of the AGM.

Memberships and Renewals

Renewal forms will be sent out June sometime. You MUST fill in a renewal form EVERY year, even if you do not have to pay for your membership. New membership forms must be returned with two passport sized photographs for your LUSC photocard. It is much easier if you can print and return your form, but if you do not have access to a printer, we will send you a form in the post, provided you tell us. Forms will be available at the AGM or on the bus, but you must fill one in to be a member.

Season Tickets

Now that the club has gone all hitech and digital, (despite the poor reception at ER), we will be expected to use our phones and the QR codes that will be sent out. Leeds United are yet to officially confirm but the feeling is that they will send out emails with the QR code which can be printed off. It is imperative however, if you want us to try to help buy you away tickets, you MUST add us to your friends and family by sending us a request via the new platform. Further info at AGM. 


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New Members Form

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There’s been a recent upsurge in interest in the branch lately and enquiries about becoming a new member.

If you want to join the branch, please complete the attached pdf which is the new members form.

Sign it and post with two passport sized photographs and a stamped, self addressed envelope to the address provided. Once the form is processed, you will receive your membership card and your photocard and free LUSC card wallet.

Any email enquiries, please use or facebook

Things to know about Harrogate & District LUSC.

The branch outside a pub

We are an official LUSC branch and abide by the rules and regulations of the LUSC.

If you want to travel with the branch, you will need to become a member. You can join up from wherever you are in the world. Our furthest paid up members are in Norway. The branch is Harrogate and District – Norway is kind of a district. However, you can only be a member of ONE LUSC branch at a time, we are not in the business of poaching from other branches.

If you just want to follow us on facebook, the public page is open to all. The closed group is just for branch members only, and this is where the departure details for away games etc. is. We don’t routinely accept or send friend requests on facebook, nothing personal, just don’t do it. But if you wish to join the closed group once you have joined up, we will message you directly. We do not have any other social media presence.

Please note, we have NO exclusive access to away match tickets or home match tickets.

We do not have a magic ticket tree. If we did, I wouldn’t have so many grey hairs.

We can help you order your own tickets on ticket sale days if you do not have access to a computer / device, but you need to have a Leeds United customer number.

We can only offer a reasonably friendly group, albeit a little sarcastic and cynical at times, who like a chat and a seat (and a sing song) on the bus, if you are lucky enough to get a ticket. The days of the LUSC getting tickets have long, long gone. Most of us enjoyed those times when we had them and are now embittered about the how times have changed. But we do enjoy a reminisce about the old days – at least The Chairman does.

The branch meets every month, normally on the 1st Sunday of the month at 8pm at the Londesborough Club, Bower Road, Harrogate, unless Leeds are playing, in which case it is the next Sunday. All current and prospective members are welcome. The branch regularly attend the fortnightly LUSC exec meetings (alternate Zoom ones). Anyone can attend the exec meetings at ER, you just cannot speak / vote unless you are on the exec of the branch. There is an AGM every year in July for the branch and the main LUSC. Every member is welcome to attend. Every month we have a vote for Player Of the Month, this gets collated and then at the end of the season, the LUSC Player Of The Season gets a nice shiny glass trophy (if we are ever allowed to get near the players again to award them it)

Our branch is non profit, any monies raised just goes back into the branch via reduced coach fares to away games and prizes etc. for our raffles, and on the end of season BBQ.

We do currently sponsor a Leeds United player and any funds that are generated go towards that sponsorship as well. Our current sponsored player is Harrogate’s own, Ryan Edmondson, who is currently on loan at Fleetwood Town. According to the Leeds United programme Joe Gelhardt is standing in for Ryan at the moment on the sponsors page.

There is an end of season BBQ normally which is our main fundraising event. There is also a chance to participate in the weekly football card, again to raise funds, via our Fundraising Secretary, Andy Yates .

The Chairman Charley Megginson and ex committee member Dave Rowson are normally found at the Peacock matchdays. Some of us spend pre match and post match at The Golden Lion in Holbeck, where the steak and chips is excellent!

Dave Rowson is also responsible for the Stan Bowles calendar, which is aiming to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimers Research. Dave has also written a book “We’re not Leeds, We ARE Leeds”, which describes some of our memorable moments from our European days. Branch member Phil Reeves has also written a book “You Are My Sunshine” which describes a cracking few years before the Premier League took over everything. Both available via Amazon or direct from the publishers. If you get in touch, we can give you a cheapness code, as we are from Yorkshire and that’s how we are.

The website is run by The Secretary and the Media and Publicity Officer in between proper (paid) work and running the branch. We are not the quickest to respond to things, but all good things come to those who wait.

The blog is the blog. If you get offended easily – don’t read it. It’s completely independent of everything and everyone. It is just opinion and thoughts. You are allowed to disagree with it, but the MPO will just ignore what you say anyway.

Any further questions, please get in touch. If you cannot print off the pdf, just email us and we will send a form out in the post.



New members Form

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Slow Mo September update

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Just a little update for Slow Mo September.

Slow Mo September because frankly since Newcastle it has been slow motion for the last few days.

Those stairs were horrendous for those of us who chose to use them rather than cheating by using the lift. For some bizarre reason, when I think of Newcastle away, climbing up those stairs is never the first thing that pops up in my mind. Trying to get 3,000 people through 2 turnstiles with 5 minutes to go before kick off – that’s what I normally remember.

To top it all off, for those of us who did the St James’s stairs without stopping for a breather, when I got to the top it was like a bloody sauna. Couldn’t flipping breathe. The least they could have done was taken a leaf out of the Great North Run and had people with those foil blankets, cold water and maybe a few oxygen cylinders on tap. Flipping nothing …. apart from a load of drunks. Even a massive cheer for those who reached the top would have been welcome. Nothing.

Yeah, Gary Neville and professional Scouser Carragher apparently did a race or something, and one of them made it up to the top in less than a minute. They’d have been better off enjoying the whole matchday experience and trying it then. Putting themselves on an even keel with the average away dayer by going round a load of pubs first knocking back 10 pints of Double Maxim or whatever the lager drinkers imbibe now, finishing with a couple of rounds of Jagerbombs or port if they have any, then a bacon cheese burger, with onions covered in tomato ketchup from outside the ground…. and THEN trying to get up those stairs. THEN they could have drawn a comparison that I would have been interested in.

You may jest – but those of you who want the ground to be developed – beware. If they start even thinking of copying anything like that, I’ll be straight on them demanding full on facilities for the old, decrepit and intoxicated. Never mind a lift, I want fancy shiny moving walkways like they have in airports. Mind you, if Leeds City Council had any say in it, they’d be demanding a bloody cycle path to go alongside it. St James’s Park might look good on the outside, but the view is crap, you can’t see the goal properly, sober or tiddly. Think of the fans, we have rights as well – old fans matter!

As for Fulham. I sent a few feelers out for a quick branch health survey after that penalty shootout and then that long, long journey home, resulting in most of us not seeing sight of the bed before 3am.

I’m pleased to report Mr Smythe finally saw a game at Craven Cottage at the 5th attempt. The Chairman similarly enjoyed a balti pie during the game and found the bus afterwards. Sonia managed to keep all her bones in one piece and Mad Max actually went to a game with an intact pair of glasses, and got home with the same pair still in one piece.

Proof of Life?

Here it is- I declare these last two games casualty free ( as far as I know anyway) and therefore a pretty good result. Roll on a nice home tie for a place in the quarter finals. Full house at Fortress ER again.

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August 2021 update

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August 2021 update

Monthly Branch Meeting – held at the Londesborough Club, face to face – hurrah!

Our first branch meeting of the 2021/22 season started with us raising a glass to Top Cat Cooper who sadly has passed away this weekend. He was a fine player, integral to the Revie side. RIP.

Minutes from the last monthly branch meeting in December 2020 were reviewed and passed accordingly. Minutes from the LUSC exec meetings were read out (one zoom meeting and one normal meeting – hurrah!). As the zoom meeting minutes were a little out of date regarding the information re the new Leeds United Away Ticket Policy, there was little discussion. The new policy, in summary, is better than the one that was originally put forward in the SAB meeting, but not really good enough. It was acknowledge that wherever Leeds drew the cut off line, it was bound to piss off somebody. If they left it was it has been for the last few seasons, the newbies would just be whingeing more and more. Many people in the branch were up to 99 /98 matches, so just missed out unfortunately. Some people didn’t think that the 2015/16 went go back far enough and that loyalty should be based on how long you have been following the Club. The fact that the free for all sales in the last two seasons for the larger allocations had also meant that people had failed to get a ticket was also a factor. There was surprise that the PL max allocation was 3,000. The Secretary pointed out that no home club wants to be outsung by Leeds United away fans, so why would they want to let in more Leeds fans than necessary. It was pointed out that it was different in the Cup games, as these were bound by FA rules re allocation, NOT the PL. Therefore more chance to get a Cup away ticket, should Leeds be bothered to enter a proper competitive side and not pretend and go through the motions like the last few seasons. John Mann was welcomed by Chrissie as the new Chairman of the LUSC. We will endeavour to send out the LUSC exec minutes to all branch members in the email mailout this season. We will have a purge of the email list, so if you haven’t given us your new email address or renewed, you will be deleted from it. In other LUSC news, the Club have said that the LUSC will be able to sponsor Kalvin Phillips again this season, and the fixture lists will proudly be announcing that again. The LUSC have been sponsoring Kalvin since 2015 and hope to continue to do that.  There are no details yet whether there will be bat flu restrictions at games. Freedom Day has been and gone. Hopefully, seeing as the matches are outside in the open air and at least 10,000 fans got into Wembley by storming the gates and didn’t have to show any negative results or QR codes to get in, then we won’t have to. The posh people at Wimbledon were sat closer together than we are at ER and for longer (if they watched the men’s final – not in the ladies as that was over before we knew it – only joking it was an hour and a half this year), and as far as we know, all those “pilot test events” did not result in a massive increase in cases, hospitalisations or deaths. Whatever you think about the bat flu – I do not want a “Papers Please” society which basically deprives us of our freedom and liberties. This is not a George Orwell novel, nor is it 1940s post war Berlin.


Thanks to those who have already filled in their renewal forms. You MUST fill in a form every year, I’m afraid, even if you don’t have to pay for anything. We are still waiting for fixture lists (which will be out of date as always as SkyTVisf**kings**t will muck up the fixtures every 6 weeks), so when we get those, we will send one out with your membership card in the post for all those who enclosed a stamped addressed envelope.  For those that didn’t, should we be in a position to run a bus, you will get yours on the bus, or at a monthly branch meeting.

Away Travel

Until we know how many tickets we are going to get, we will not know if we can run a bus. Which relies on Leeds United actually putting the away tickets up for sale, the Leeds United ticketing website NOT imploding and the branch actually being able to order tickets. Everything will have to be done at the last minute. If we have to share a coach we will, but if we don’t get enough tickets, we won’t be running a bus unfortunately. We cannot afford to run half empty buses. If we do run a bus and you book a place, if you do not turn up, we will charge you for your place and if you are unreliable again, we won’t bother booking you on.

Ryan Edmondson Sponsorship

We are still waiting for the Club to come back to us re sponsoring Ryan, even though he is out on loan at Fleetwood now. They are aware we want to renew it. The MPO will email the Club again this week.


Thanks to everyone who participates in the (fixed) football card. Please continue if at all possible. We will look to arranging another raffle once we get enough stuff to raffle off.

Stan Bowles Calendar in Aid of Alzheimers Research.

Plans are now afoot for the weekend of the Everton game. Manhattans on Friday night, for the Centenary Whites do, Stan Bowles Calendar Stand outside The Peacock on match day, and then Sunday is the Bowls event at the Black Swan. See link below. It’s all in a good cause, Alzheimers is a terrible disease, please contribute. And I know it’s nothing to do with Leeds United but QPR are STILL not decided about naming a stand (they’ve got 4 of them!) after their greatest player. Bit shit really, seeing as he is their most famous player – but what can you do? They should really try do it before he dies as well. We will keep trying to gently encourage them our end.

These are the links below for the Manhattans event and the justgiving page if you can’t attend

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Public Flogging with a Cat O Nine Tails

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Another 24 hours on (it’s lasted at least twice as long as our new badge design!) and the Elitist 6 have all given up the ghost. Now the recriminations and retributions are in full pelt. With SkyTVisf**kings**t now asking what the punishment should be. Notably, all their guests have said that any docking of points and relegation to a lower league will “only harm the fans”. In other words only harm SkyTVisf**kings**t and the other broadcasters as they’ll have to go to more Championship grounds more often.

Me, I see nothing more fitting than public humiliation in stocks being paraded round the streets, finished with a nice bit of old fashioned public flogging with the obligatory cat o nine tails. And that’s just to start with.

Boris is going on about a shake up of rules and relook at the “fit and proper test”. Well, we all know how that is going to end with Rick Parry and his bezza mates in charge. They’ll just suck up to them, bit of lip service, call in Ernst & Young who will do an audit at great expense for their consultation, and decide it’s all ok anyway, and tell Boris that’s there’s nothing here to see. They’ll get away scott free if the decision is left to Boris – he doesn’t even like football.

Jokes aside, the only thing that these owners know is money.

1)They need to be hit hard with a fine and then that fine needs to be redistributed between the clubs in the lower leagues – not to the FA, ensuring it passes down to where it is needed. With a guarantee that the financial hit not be  passed onto match going fans.

2) 15 point deduction at the start of next season.

3) To give back to the match going fans, all tickets in the PL to be no more than a top price of £50 (in the best seats) per game and away fans to go back to being allocated 10% of ground capacity for 48 hour selling window at £20, any unsold to go back to the home team to be sold at £20.

4) All teams involved to be forced to start at the initial rounds of the League Cup and the FA Cup, playing their first team players for the next 5 years. Again, ensuring that any gate receipts will be shared amongst the lower league divisions and serving as a reminder of where football actually started.

5) Transfer embargo from now til the start of season 2023/24.

6) Salary cap in the Premier League to be set at a maximum of £100,000 at week. No one needs £5 million a year.

and this is just for starters just in case you younger ones don’t know what a cat o nine tails is

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April 2021 update

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There’s not much news for the April 2021 update as yet, seeing as Bojo and the Premier League Circus  still haven’t made up their minds about letting us go back to sitting outside in the fresh air in an outdoor stadium for little under two hours, but will be happy for you to be dragged round inside White Rose / Meadowhell by the missus for 3 hours along with everyone else in a week or so.

Monthly Branch Meeting

Hopefully this will be the penultimate branch meeting forced to be held by zoom. Thanks to all who attended (with or without a big glass of red wine).

There was no LUSC exec meeting in the latter part of March as Kalvin was playing for En-ger-land but there is a Player Of the Month vote for Thursday 8th April. There haven’t been any SAB meetings either but questions have been put to Leeds for the next agenda (see AOB). The MPO won £100 in the last (big) 250 draw though – which has gone towards successfully helping the rust bucket, which is the car, pass it’s MOT for the last time – honest. If anyone does want an 08 plate Ford Ka with an ABS light which reassuringly goes on and off intermittently – please get in touch, usual channels.

Player Of The Month

Thank you all for your March  player votes vie email and facebook. This months votes at the Exec will go to Dallas and Raphinha.


Eric Ware RIP.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to remember Eric with their stories for the tribute and for The Secretary’s speech at his service. Eric’s coffin was fantastic as was the wreath in the shape and colours of our home strip. We are keeping in touch with Joan and have been to see her. She is doing OK, as well as can be expected, she would like us to pass on her thanks to everyone for their kind words.


The raffle will be drawn before the Citeh game on Saturday by The Chairman and Dave Rowson. Thanks to everyone who has taken part and good luck to you all.

We’re Not Leeds, We Are Leeds

Congrats to Dave Rowson on his new (first) book. It covers our European games and promises to be an excellent read, bringing back memories of the Glory European Nights / Days and the not so glorious mornings afterwards, severe steaming hangovers, complete mind blocks, terrible flashbacks and prison cells…. Various branch members have supplied Dave with some “select” pictures from the old days, as has Dougie Kaye (they are definitely HIS photos!) and Dave has procured some from other sources as well. For those of you who don’t / can’t remember those days, it will be a useful guide to help you fill in the blanks. For the ones who are too young to have been there – this is how it used to be before cheap flights. Think yourselves lucky that if / when we do get back into Europe, you’re never going to be sat on a coach for 19 hours just to watch Leeds.

Stan Bowles Calendar

It was decided at the meeting that the branch will support Dave Rowson with his Stan Bowles calendar in aid of Alzheimers Research. Dave is donating some of the money from his book to this very worthwhile cause. He is also going to attempt to raise funds for Alzheimers Research at match days by having a “Stand For Stan” where people will be invited to have their photo taken with the calendar for a donation with a purpose made photo op stand somewhere near ER. Details have yet to be confirmed, but, as I am sure most of you will agree (especially following the “Finding Jack Charlton” documentary), Alzheimers is a terrible disease and research is very much needed into finding some treatment for this horrible disease which robs so many people, and their loved ones, of their lives and, just as importantly, their time. Life is short, time is precious. We will also try to support the Maverick team and Potton Accountancy in their efforts to get a stand named after Stan Bowles at QPR. He was after all, their greatest player, and if Leeds United can have the John Charles, Norman Hunter, Don Revie and Jack Charlton Stands, then other clubs should be making an effort, and recognising their history and their great players too.



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