Apologies for the absence, here is the October 2023 update.

Hopefully we are back on track with doing monthly updates and a blog once in a while. Life has been getting in the way as usual, but we just keep plodding on. Cheers to everyone who reads the website, sorry there hasn’t been too much of late.

Monthly Branch Meeting

Monthly branch meeting was held on Sunday 1st October at the Londesborough Club. Thanks to all who attended. The minutes of the last meeting were proposed and seconded and agreed as a true representation of the last meeting. No matters arising.

The Secretary read out minutes from the previous LUSC exec meetings. Stadium improvements / repairs are continuing at ER. Nothing major will be done until we get back to the PL as there will be more money to do so. Police feedback from away games is essential whether it is good or bad to ensure our safety is maintained. There is a new branch in Mallow (Ireland). The Sponsors event at the U21 game against Nice to be attended by branches who requested to go into the draw. Griffin, South Kirkby, Us and Darlington. Max Littlefair got drawn out as our branch member. Still waiting to hear back from Leeds re meeting (been a long time) and plan is still to hold another event like last year at Skybet, but with more attendees. We will look to attend Annual Quiz and we need to let exec know how much interest there will be for an Annual (?end of season) dinner.  Everyone who attended the Thorp Arch event had a good time. The manager and players very excellent. Thorp Arch event (see AOB). LUSC Hospitality raffle game will be the last game of the season (Southampton). On account that the day is fixed and cannot be moved, so it will be easier for International branches to plan. Minutes from the last SAB glanced over.

Membership Report

We are still taking memberships and actively encouraging anyone who travels on the coach to join up. We have been the beneficiary of Mick Grinch’s policy of ruining rail travel for the 21st century. The feared losses on the long away trips have been placated so far, meaning finances are ok at present. The first tranche of cards have been sent to all those who enclosed stamped self addressed envelopes and The Membership Secretary has asked for more cards as he has nearly run out. Those who have not supplied return envelopes will just have to wait for The Secretary to remember to bring them for away games or pre match drinking.

Treasurer Report

Sponsorship of Charlie Cresswell cost £1800, which has been paid in full and a receipt obtained, so we are legit now. Financially, thanks to Mick Grinch, despite Ipswich, Millwall and Southampton games, we are still in the black. Only Norwich this side of Christmas, but then January / February is going to hit us hard with Cardiff, Bristol City, Swansea and Plymouth in quick succession. We will need a lottery win.

Away Games

We have run a bus to every game so far (apart from Salford). Bookings being taken for Norwich and Stoke. A reminder that if people can get on and order their own tickets, they need to do so. Leicester now has been moved to the Friday night for the True Gods of Football.


Chris Bowes has very kindly offered us a holiday stay. Info will be sent out via closed group on noseybook and via the email list. Great gift. Thanks Chris Bowes. It is very much appreciated. Our sponsorship hospitality tickets will be requested for Millwall in the first instance, Rotherham as second choice. As always, only paid up members can participate in the raffles. All members need to fill in a form every season.

Thorp Arch event organised by LUSC was attended by Ken and Grace Anderson. Both had really good time. Grace got load of photos with players on the day. As always, these events are excellent and all members will be given a chance to apply. Hopefully LUSC can organise more in the coming season.

Sponsorship is now secured. We have the certificate signed by Ain’t Nobody, like Mckennie, plays with Adams, for the U S A – Weston McKennie. The shirt is proudly on Frankie’s wall at the Hunslet Club. No Thorp Arch event like there was pre Bat flu at present, but there might be a chance once the manager has had the chance to settle in a bit. The Nice game was attended by Max as part of the LUSC Sponsorship of Archie Gray. We will email Leeds requesting Millwall as our preferred choice.

Rowsey has agreed to coordinate an event. We will try to plan ahead in hope that we get someone attending from Leeds United. Dave will try for Bilton Club again or maybe Manhattans. Both previous events were well organised, well attended and excellent. So fingers crossed, Dave and Andy Yates will get something sorted which will be a good night and hopefully some prizes to raffle off to help pay for facilities.

The giant football card winner was Makaela Rolph. Well done. Definitely not a fix. Decision not to film it was an easy one, seeing as we made such a hash up of it last time.


Even though it is difficult to keep this site updated we are still getting new members through it which keeps the branch going with new blood. If anyone is able to help out, PLEASE get in touch. It is an on going cost, which will no doubt increase, but the branch is continuing to expand. We are all getting older, some people have obviously passed on, but if the branch is to continue we need new members who will travel, contribute, attend functions etc. to help keep us going. If anyone is able to share the load of posting new articles / posts etc. please get in touch, there is only so much one person can do.


There are still drawstring bags, shopping bags, wristbands, car stickers and pint glasses here if anyone wants anything I will try to remember what the prices are.

Christmas cards

There will be an LUSC Christmas card again this year. Please can you get in touch if you want any. When the first print is available, hopefully in early November, we will get the photo of it to you so you can place your orders. They are always good quality.