Apologies for lack of correspondence since October. There have been lots of long away trips etc. to deal with. Once again, if anyone in the branch can help out with this website to keep it up to date, any offers greatly appreciated.

Monthly Branch Meeting.

Monthly branch meeting was held on Sunday January 5th 2020. Thanks to all who attended despite the Christmas run in of Fulham, Birmingham and West Brom away, with Arsenal in the FA Cup imminent, it was a good turn out. The branch had donated some alcohol free (yes such things exist) beer etc. to Harrogate Fire Station for their Christmas Day open door event. Bruce Reid who has been a branch member for quite a while, works there and was happy for us to share the event on social media etc. The branch also donated some memorabilia which may go towards fund raising in the future. Hopefully, there will be a piece about this on the LUSC programme page in a future Leeds United programme. The Club have got back to us about our Hospitality places. A vote was taken at the meeting and we have gone with either Reading or Luton as our chosen game. See AOB below.


Healthy numbers for this season. The Membership Secretary is returning all the forms to The Secretary as soon as he can and any membership cards will be sent out as soon as possible if there was a stamped addressed envelope provided. If no envelope was provided, you will have to wait until we see you at a home game or on the bus at an away game for your card and free LUSC white Centenary wallet.

Away Games

We will be trying for QPR but as it is a free for all sale, we are not holding our breath. ***Update failed to get any in the season ticket holders sale, managed a few gold members tickets on Weds*** . There will not be any transport arranged for QPR due to lack of tickets. Forest is the next away  game and once we know the ticketing arrangements, we will sort transport accordingly. Brentford, frankly is a non starter. The members who qualify for the tiny amount of available tickets will be informed. Future travel will depend on what Leeds United decide re tracker v free for all. Any decisions re transport will be done on a match by match basis. If we end up getting promoted, next season will be a nightmare. We will have to see what happens when that situation arises.



If anyone can please order their own away tickets when it comes to the free for all sales, PLEASE do so. It is a tremendous help and judging by our luck when it comes to free for alls, it is probably the only way to guarantee your ticket. I know the broadband signal in North Yorks is patchy but some branch members have been extremely lucky with their efforts this season, so keep up the good work. Also, do not disturb us anytime between 10.30 and 11.30 on ticket selling day. Messenger and facebook really do not help at all in these moments of crisis. If you are lucky to get your own tickets, let us know lunchtime-ish or at least after the red sold out bar comes up on the Leeds website.

Since we have been doing better, home tcikets are selling out very quickly. We can TRY to order you tickets on your numbers, but can you please give as much notice as possible. If you are trying to order your own, please remember that it won’t let you order in the family stand unless you are ordering two adults and two children at the same time. The only ones you can get are at the top of the East Stand and they won’t let young children sit up there.

Hospitality package

We will confirm whether it is the Reading or Luton  game for the hospitality package in the Gary Speed Suite. There are four places available and we will raffle them as two pairs of tickets. It will be free food and tea/coffee, free programme and then seats in the East Stand. The view is excellent and the prize is well worth it. We will be selling the raffle tickets, same as last year, at £1 per ticket to branch members only. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, in the pub (Golden Lion) if you see us on matchday, at the next branch meeting or you can email/message us and pay us by BACS for the tickets. The winning tickets will be drawn at the nearest monthly branch meeting to the game. Hopefully, this will be the Reading game and therefore will be at the NEXT monthly branch meeting. all money raised will go towards branch funds and hopefully the continued sponsorship of Ryan Edmondson. There has been no information yet regarding the Thorp Arch event, as soon as I know, we will let you know.

LUSC Programme Page.

If anyone has anything that they wish to have on the page, please get in touch. Hopefully Bruce Reid will be on the next one. Text has to be about 220 words long and a picture would be great. It publicises the LUSC  and the branch, so all good. The branch has done several articles. the MPO can help out if you need any further advice.

Centenary Merchandise

Still have some stock, especially the wristbands and car stickers. Any proceeds go back into the branch, so get in touch if you can help sell any of the items please.

Social Media

Just a reminder that the Harrogate Whites facebook page is PUBLIC and where we post any old rubbish that happens to be interesting at the time. The Harrogate & District LUSC page is the CLOSED group for paid up branch members who have filled in a form. If you haven’t filled a form in, you aren’t in it and this is where we post departure details etc. If I have missed anyone, I will add you to the group eventually with a reminder. If you aren’t a branch member, soz.


Any help appreciated, especially if you know how to put photos in the gallery section. It is still getting sufficient views to continue with it, so even though it is yet another thing to do, we are persevering with it.

Football Cards

Just like to thank Ripon Mark and Bev for helping to do the football cards on the bus. Everything helps!