After a good win at Bolton last week, with two fantastic goals from Kalvin Phillips and hopefully Chris Wood’s first of many this season, we came down to earth with a bang on Saturday. Yes, a hat trick in the Cup on Tuesday night, by the new guy Saiz, but we need to remember that this was Port Vale after all. It’s not a bad start to August 2017 though, we have had worse starts to the season and there is a long, long way to go.

Monthly Branch Meeting

Thanks to all who attended last night’s meeting, including the taxi driver (Makaela). I know people are busy on a Sunday, but it is good if you can attend. Bonus that fixture lists were available as well. If anyone wants details of the Jurys Inn offer, please can you get in touch with us directly, usual channels. The Chairman stated that he found it very frustrating that the ticket office is not open after a home game to sell tickets for the following home games. As The Chairman has still not fully engaged with the internet era, he is struggling to buy his Cup tickets. The Chairman expressed his disapppointment vehemently at the time with the ticket office, but has requested that the branch should bring this up with Leeds United. The MPO has sent Leeds United an email to placate The Chairman, after all, there is no harm in asking. We will report back with any updates. The branch would like to put something forward for the Leeds United LUSC programme page about specific features of Harrogate & District. The Chairman has supplied us with some old photos and we would like to put something about the generations of families that have been travelling with us. Anyone who has photos of grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren who have been longstanding members, please get in touch. There was also a lively discussion regarding pre match refreshment stops. Whilst The Secretary and the MPO appreciate any help organising the away day trips, any suggestions must be workable realistically. We are open to any offers and the LUSC do have hostelries who contact us directly offering their hospitality. The branch as part of the LUSC must adhere to the instructions given to us by Bryn Stokes, the Football Liaison Officer. We will invite Bryn to a branch meeting, if that is what the branch members want.

Away Games

The bus to Sunderland is FULL. Departure details have been posted to facebook.

There has been no information regarding Forest tickets as yet, as soon as details are available, we will inform branch members. There will be a bus to this fixture unless we don’t get any tickets.

Newport in the Cup is to be played at Elland Road.

No information yet regarding Millwall and Cardiff. The branch will probably be running buses to these fixtures in the hope that we manage to get enough tickets.


Thanks to everyone who has returned their membership forms. The Membership Secretary has been very busy and if you have included a stamped addressed envelope with your renewal form, you will be receiving your card soon. Please note, it takes a monumental effort to send the forms out in June. If you do not give us the correct email address or postal address, we cannot send you the forms. It is ESSENTIAL that a new form is filled out EVERY year, even if your details have not changed.


As previously posted on facebook, the website has been much more successful than the MPO could have possibly thought. Given that there are numerous better Leeds United sites available, which are much more professional looking and have more content than ours, we still had nearly 10,000 visits according to GoogleAnalytics. That’s about 800 visits per month on average. The MPO would like to thank everyone who does periodically have a look at what’s going on. The preseason update is being written this week ( apart from Tuesday night) and that and the gallery will be updated by the end of the month. Again, if anyone wishes to volunteer to write something, the MPO will consider any content as long as it is libellous and inflammatory. I think there should be a not somewhere in that paragraph..


Branch members attended a session at very short notice at Elland Road last week regarding the Centenary. Thanks to Dave Rowson, Jamie Rowson, Dave Poole and Ellie Poole for getting across to ER early before the Port Vale game. Anyone with any ideas regarding how the branch can support the LUSC in organising the Centenary Celebrations, please get in touch.