To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn. There is a season…. and this could be ours!

This time last week we were coming into the Wigan game with a decent display at Derby, and all was good. Unfortunately, after the 1-1 draw, the world was full of despondency once more. At the death, our defence failed to clear and Wigan equalised in the 91st minute, a draw snatched away from the mouth of victory. It felt like we had lost the game and people were calling for Garry Monks head, baying for blood.

A week later, here we are again. After a hard fought team display on Saturday at Wolves, and an own goal from Sacko’s bewilderingly placed cross in front of the gaping goal, we emerged victorious. Back to tonight, and following a poor start to ticket sales initially, Leeds United have been forced to open the West Stand Upper Tier to cater for more purchases. This is good, after our poor support at the Blackburn home tie, with less than 10,000 punters turning up. Yet season ticket holders continued to complain that they wouldn’t attend as “their stand” wasn’t open. This despite the £10 a ticket for adults and a very competitive £2.50 for children / £5 for OAPs. What more could the Club do?

Should we win tonight and get another home tie, there is only one solution. Just open the whole ground up.

Regardless of whether the team are doing well or not, it looks like we cannot fill the ground for cup games, that is unless we get a “glamour” tie. Bizarrely enough, despite only getting 23,000 for the last few league games, the Newcastle game is selling like hotcakes!

I am a cynic of the highest order, therefore, I need to stop discussing this any further for fear of upsetting folk. My parting shot is that, should we progress, I hope the Club discount the tickets for anyone who bothered to turn up for the Blackburn home cup game.