Since Marco Silvestri came to Leeds United, there has only been only been one Love Story that matters. You have to admit it, the camera doesn’t lie, she only has eyes for one person. Since the first time they met, Deputy Yates has been “bumping into” the lovely Sofia far too many times for this to be a casual fling. Either that or Deputy Yates has some serious man marking issues. Hardly!

Luckily enough, the “Managers Curse” that has plagued Brian McDermott, Uwe Rosler and Steve Evans (can’t even remember a picture with Redfearn- must have been his own doing that one), has yet to touch the delicate hands of Sofia.

So here it is in all it’s glory… I think Marco is safe!


Bournemouth in Marco’s shirt, just so she remembers who her Number 1 really is

Blackburn in September over a romantic plastic glass of Carling

Barnsley away smouldering in Andy's shadow

Barnsley away smouldering in Andy’s shadow

Huddersfield with a reassuring thumbs up

Huddersfield with a reassuring thumbs up