In response to recent enquiries, I think I have managed to add a printable PDF version of a New Membership form on here.

Please note this is for NEW MEMBERS ONLY.

After much discussion with The Secretary, we have decided that the Renewals form cannot be attached. If anyone ever reads the commentary on the renewals form, you will know that the branch maybe be opening itself to any libel issues etc. especially from Garry with Two Rs or Evil Papa Smurf or anyone else lacking a sense of humour.

I am aware that there have been a few glitches with the electronic version on the website.

Please can any new applicants ensure they enclosed two passport sized photgraphs for their LUSC photo ID card and PLEASE sign the form. We accept cheques and postal orders, if anyone wishes to pay elctronically, please text or private message and I will give you the bank branch account details.

New Members Form