There’s been a recent upsurge in interest in the branch lately and enquiries about becoming a new member.

If you want to join the branch, please complete the attached pdf which is the new members form.

Sign it and post with two passport sized photographs and a stamped, self addressed envelope to the address provided. Once the form is processed, you will receive your membership card and your photocard and free LUSC card wallet.

Any email enquiries, please use or facebook

Things to know about Harrogate & District LUSC.

The branch outside a pub

We are an official LUSC branch and abide by the rules and regulations of the LUSC.

If you want to travel with the branch, you will need to become a member. You can join up from wherever you are in the world. Our furthest paid up members are in Norway. The branch is Harrogate and District – Norway is kind of a district. However, you can only be a member of ONE LUSC branch at a time, we are not in the business of poaching from other branches.

If you just want to follow us on facebook, the public page is open to all. The closed group is just for branch members only, and this is where the departure details for away games etc. is. We don’t routinely accept or send friend requests on facebook, nothing personal, just don’t do it. But if you wish to join the closed group once you have joined up, we will message you directly. We do not have any other social media presence.

Please note, we have NO exclusive access to away match tickets or home match tickets.

We do not have a magic ticket tree. If we did, I wouldn’t have so many grey hairs.

We can help you order your own tickets on ticket sale days if you do not have access to a computer / device, but you need to have a Leeds United customer number.

We can only offer a reasonably friendly group, albeit a little sarcastic and cynical at times, who like a chat and a seat (and a sing song) on the bus, if you are lucky enough to get a ticket. The days of the LUSC getting tickets have long, long gone. Most of us enjoyed those times when we had them and are now embittered about the how times have changed. But we do enjoy a reminisce about the old days – at least The Chairman does.

The branch meets every month, normally on the 1st Sunday of the month at 8pm at the Londesborough Club, Bower Road, Harrogate, unless Leeds are playing, in which case it is the next Sunday. All current and prospective members are welcome. The branch regularly attend the fortnightly LUSC exec meetings (alternate Zoom ones). Anyone can attend the exec meetings at ER, you just cannot speak / vote unless you are on the exec of the branch. There is an AGM every year in July for the branch and the main LUSC. Every member is welcome to attend. Every month we have a vote for Player Of the Month, this gets collated and then at the end of the season, the LUSC Player Of The Season gets a nice shiny glass trophy (if we are ever allowed to get near the players again to award them it)

Our branch is non profit, any monies raised just goes back into the branch via reduced coach fares to away games and prizes etc. for our raffles, and on the end of season BBQ.

We do currently sponsor a Leeds United player and any funds that are generated go towards that sponsorship as well. Our current sponsored player is Harrogate’s own, Ryan Edmondson, who is currently on loan at Fleetwood Town. According to the Leeds United programme Joe Gelhardt is standing in for Ryan at the moment on the sponsors page.

There is an end of season BBQ normally which is our main fundraising event. There is also a chance to participate in the weekly football card, again to raise funds, via our Fundraising Secretary, Andy Yates .

The Chairman Charley Megginson and ex committee member Dave Rowson are normally found at the Peacock matchdays. Some of us spend pre match and post match at The Golden Lion in Holbeck, where the steak and chips is excellent!

Dave Rowson is also responsible for the Stan Bowles calendar, which is aiming to raise funds and awareness for Alzheimers Research. Dave has also written a book “We’re not Leeds, We ARE Leeds”, which describes some of our memorable moments from our European days. Branch member Phil Reeves has also written a book “You Are My Sunshine” which describes a cracking few years before the Premier League took over everything. Both available via Amazon or direct from the publishers. If you get in touch, we can give you a cheapness code, as we are from Yorkshire and that’s how we are.

The website is run by The Secretary and the Media and Publicity Officer in between proper (paid) work and running the branch. We are not the quickest to respond to things, but all good things come to those who wait.

The blog is the blog. If you get offended easily – don’t read it. It’s completely independent of everything and everyone. It is just opinion and thoughts. You are allowed to disagree with it, but the MPO will just ignore what you say anyway.

Any further questions, please get in touch. If you cannot print off the pdf, just email us and we will send a form out in the post.



New members Form