Update for May 2022 includes monthly branch meeting and details regarding up coming events.

Monthly Branch Meeting

The monthly branch meeting was held on Sunday 1st May 2022 at the Londesborough Club. Thank you to all those who attended.

LUSC exec minutes were discussed as were the minutes from the SAB. Hopefully everyone managed to renew their season tickets, at least the deadline was extended to the Monday after a bit of fervent emailing about problems with the website. Dave Poole asked that the size of the font used on the scoreboard be raised once again as it is impossible to read it from where he is sat. The point was made that when our new manager told everyone at the LUSC Annual Quiz about the trip to Oz, he probably shouldn’t have. Everyone who attended the Quiz was thanked, see AOB. Memberships have closed, but two new members have already filled in forms for next season. Deputy Yates was reminded that even he has to fill in a renewal form. The two raffle prizes for the hospitality tickets raised just short of £1000. Thanks to all who bought tickets, it will go some way to the cost of the sponsorship of Joffy. We are ok finance wise for travel for this season, and with the help of the football cards etc. it will go some way to mitigate any losses we will sustain for the next two aways where tickets are scarce, Brentford especially. We will look to run a bus to Brentford and share with another branch for our potential final game (!!!). Annual BBQ (see AOB) was discussed and trip to Bradford. There will be no further monthly branch meetings this season. The next official meeting will be the AGM in July (date to be confirmed). The next time we meet up will be at the Annual BBQ.

Any Other Business

Annual LUSC Quiz

The Annual LUSC Quiz was held in the Eddie Gray Suite on Thursday 14th April. Thanks to all who attended. There was a lively question and answer session with the new manager who turned up with his lad. He was particularly helpful with the situation with pre season, even though he wasn’t meant to, and really he could have talked all night but we had to start the quiz at some point before we got kicked out. Our branch plus Ripon turned out a decent showing. Team Deputy Yates, comprising of The Deputy, James Proctor and Ricky Greenwood (Rob Cartman stuck on motorway) did the best of all of us coming 6th out of 17 or 18, with Griffin and Fullerton on form, the rest of us didn’t stick chance. The rest of our teams comprising of Ripon Mark, Jordan and Morro, Smuff and his merry men, Messrs Dargan, Vickers and two others (who we once left behind at an away game and have forgiven us!) and us, Dave Poole and Peter Hart did our very best, but at least none of us came last. Next year, more revising, less drink. Remember, there’s always a question about the superbowl (that’s american football to you and me) and there will be one on some obscure TV programme that no one watches. The Choir? What’s that all about?

Annual BBQ.

The branch annual BBQ will be held on Saturday 28th May 2022. Aiming to open the doors at 2pm and the Chef to start food at 3pm. We will be ordering the usual from Addymans Butchers and Deputy Yates will look to source the vegetarian option from Asda, as well as remembering the tomato sauce. The duck and pancakes with all the usual trimmings will be available, as will the home made coleslaw and, Callum’s mum permitting, a tasty chocolate cake will add to the ice cream and meringues with fruit for dessert. As the “pay on the door” scheme to help towards BBQ costs failed last time, we will just aim to sell as many raffle tickets as possible to help out or people can just donate some money towards it. Please note, you MUST be an LUSC branch member to buy a raffle ticket.

The top two raffle prizes will be a signed and framed Leeds shirt and an autographed Kalvin Phillips boot in a case. The rest of the prizes will also include a kindly donated Ice Hockey family ticket and a Planet Ice ice skating family ticket, various other Leeds United items which have been kindly donated and some alcohol (also kindly donated). Any other donations gratefully accepted. Please let us know so we can put up a list of winning prizes in advance of the day. There will be the usual killer pool and table tennis  tournament, and hopefully it will be a good send off to the season, rather than the Premier League as a whole! We will look to invite the LUSC exec Top Table as usual and see who else we can get as well. 

Remember, the branch is a not for profit organisation. Any monies made will go straight back to our members in the form of subsidised travel, Annual Quiz and other event fees, branch costs like postage / envelopes / stationary, prizes for our raffles and next years’ Annual BBQ. Not forgetting the Player Sponsorship next season (if we can afford it).


Anyone who can make the do for Tommy and Carol in Bradford on Friday 13th May 2022  needs to get in touch as soon as poss. The branch will look to subsidise travel but we need to know numbers.

Branch AGM

This will be held on the first Sunday of July that we can sort out with the Londesborough. It normally is the same day as the main LUSC AGM. Details to follow. If anyone has any items for the agenda, please note, these need to be received in WRITING 4 weeks before the day of the AGM.

Memberships and Renewals

Renewal forms will be sent out June sometime. You MUST fill in a renewal form EVERY year, even if you do not have to pay for your membership. New membership forms must be returned with two passport sized photographs for your LUSC photocard. It is much easier if you can print and return your form, but if you do not have access to a printer, we will send you a form in the post, provided you tell us. Forms will be available at the AGM or on the bus, but you must fill one in to be a member.

Season Tickets

Now that the club has gone all hitech and digital, (despite the poor reception at ER), we will be expected to use our phones and the QR codes that will be sent out. Leeds United are yet to officially confirm but the feeling is that they will send out emails with the QR code which can be printed off. It is imperative however, if you want us to try to help buy you away tickets, you MUST add us to your friends and family by sending us a request via the new platform. Further info at AGM.