Firstly, thanks need to go to Big Mark (Mark Byrne) for all his efforts sorting out the website in the early stages and in the last month or so. Regular readers may have noticed that the website had disappeared for  a few weeks in April. Unbeknowingly, we had forgot to do the necessaries regarding renewing the website etc. All sorted now though, thanks to Mark and the MPO.

May Update as follows:

Monthly Branch Meeting

Due to our failure to achieve play offs – let alone promotion, there was no monthly branch meeting in May.

Away Games

Our last away game at Norwich at the end of April was attended by a decent number of our usual travellers, despite our poor form. The rain did not dampen our spirits and I would personally like to thank everyone who contributed to the whip round. Our plans seemed to be thwarted initially, but the pub we ended up in was the much better option.


Memberships will reopen soon. The branch would like to save on costs by emailing the renewal forms out, however, if you would like a renewal form in the post, please can you let The Secretary know in good time. Alternatively, renewal forms will be available at the AGM on Sunday July 8th. The membership fee remains at £7 for adults, free for over 65s and under 18s. New members, as always, are welcome but you must fill in a new membership form, sign it and provide us with two passport sized photographs for your LUSC ID card. When the forms are processed by The Membership Secretary, you will either receive your card through the post if you have given us a stamped addressed envelope, or your card can be retrieved at an away game or a monthly branch meeting.


LUSC Annual Quiz

The Annual LUSC quiz was held in the Eddie Gray Suite at Elland Road on Thursday April 19th. The branch was represented by just two teams this year. Deputy Yates’s team consisting of The Deputy, Dave Rowson, James Proctor and Ricky Greenwood. The Chairman, The Secretary, The MPO and Dave Poole made up the other team. The quiz was a hard fought affair, not involving us though. It was neck and neck between the Griffin branch (usual suspects) and the team from Leeds United. I have to point out that the team from Leeds United included James Mooney, the Leeds press officer Mr Owen (font of all Leeds United knowledge), Eunan O Kane, young Bailey Peacock Farrell, as well as Jamie from the ticket office and Fiona Hanley the SLO. 6 brains are better than 4! The branch came a very respectable 4th and 8th ( I think) . Well done to everyone and thanks to the LUSC exec for organising the event. The pork pies were excellent!

Branch BBQ

The inaugural branch BBQ was held on Saturday May 12th at The Londesborough Club. Our thanks go to The Deputy for volunteering to organise the event in the first place, Dave Poole and Callum Ashworth for their assistance, and Callum Ashworths stepmum for the delicious cake.  Thanks also to the LUSC exec for coming along and Fiona Hanley , Leeds United Supporters Liaison Officer. The pictures are available on the facebook page, however, they will be posted on the Gallery section here at some point in the summer. Once again, thanks to Tony Murray for giving his prize to young Jack Pedel, well done Steve “Wilko” Wilkinson for winning the killer pool tournament. Your trophy is still at The Londesborough Club, safe and sound. A mention has to go out to John (The Ringer) Farrell who beat everyone at ping pong – sorry- table tennis, before he finally fessed up to previously playing in a table tennis league of some sort. Probably not unlike the scenario in the film Balls Of Fury, albeit without Christopher Walken, a team of triad heavies and all the grasshopper jokes.

Branch AGM

The branch AGM will be held on Sunday July 8th at the Londesborough Club, Bower Road, Harrogate. Prospective members are welcome. Come along and find out what the branch is all about. Or at least meet some of the branch members in person. As per usual, any agenda items are welcome and any suggestions, resolutions, proposals etc. MUST be received in writing within 4 weeks of the date of the AGM. This means that if anyone wishes to submit any of the above, you have less than a week to send these requests in, in writing, to The Secretary.