A whole year of no football! Not really an anniversary that you want to celebrate. Here’s the March 2021 update. Sorry, there wasn’t a February update, we’ve been a bit busy.

Monthly Branch Meeting

We are continuing to hold the branch meetings by zoom unfortunately, but hopefully we will get a face to face one soon. Nothing much is going on at present because we can’t go to games but we are still keeping in regular touch with as many branch members as physically possible. The LUSC are also in the same predicament with being forced to hold meetings by zoom as well. We remain Always Leeds, Always Loyal, but as for getting people to games, that’s something we can only wish for. As usual, all branch members who are on the email list, should be receiving the minutes from the LUSC execs and any comments or matters arising from the minutes should be received by The Secretary to take to the next exec meeting by Weds 6pm of that week.

Player Of The Month

Thanks to everyone for regularly feeding back for the monthly Player of The Month either via facebook or email. Hopefully we will be able to see our LUSC Player of The Year being awarded his trophy by the end of the season in person.

Eric Ware RIP

As most of you are aware, it’s Eric’s funeral on Weds 17th March, this is the link:

www. obitus.com viewing time 12.56 – 1.45pm

username: vigi8031 password 788799

There will be a branch presence from The Secretary, the MPO and The Chairman, and former Secretary Dave Rowson as well as some very dear friends. If anyone wishes to share any stories for me to add on the tribute page, please get in touch as soon as. Thanks for the information so far. Eric was a lovely man. Our thoughts and prayers are with Joan. Once again, thanks go to Lesley Hope and Jane Taylor for all their help.


Raffle tickets are still available from either Andy Yates or The Secretary. We will be looking to do the draw at the earliest opportunity, permitted by the lockdown rules.

“We’re not Leeds, we ARE Leeds”

Dave Rowson’s first book will be available very soon. It was officially announced in the programme for the Chelsea game. As soon as it is available, we will liaise with Dave to see how we can support it.

Branch Sponsorship of Ryan Edmondson

We have had no further information from the sponsorship department regarding our sponsorship of Ryan. As far as we are concerned he is still out on loan and doing rather well at Northampton Town. Hopefully he will bag a few more goals and keep them up this season and come back and fight for his place in the first team at the end of the season. The MPO has asked Angus Kinnear if they will consider rolling over the costs of sponsorship to next season as a gesture of good will given the unprecedented times we have dealt with in the last 12 months.


The MPO has also asked the Club if they will consider allowing the transfer of season tickets to family members of those who we have sadly lost duringĀ  the pandemic. As soon as there is more information on this, I will let people know. I think it would be a very kind gesture on the Club’s part if they did allow these long standing seats to be transferred over to relatives as a lasting memory and acknowledgement of their long and dedicated loyal support.