Happy New Year! This is the January 2023 first post of the year. Unfortunately due to the lack of league football in the last few months there hasn’t been much to update you on, but after the storming draw against Newcastle and the predictable loss against Citeh at home, we are back on track with a vengeance.

Monthly Branch Meeting.

The first monthly branch meeting of the year was held on Sunday 1st January with a smaller than usual turnout. Perhaps the result against the Barcodes the day before was to blame, but just a select group managed the short meeting at the Londesborough before the Christmas decorations were taken down.

LUSC Player of The Month for November was Meslier (who has been player of the season so far for me anyway), votes are due in for Player of The Month for December now.

The final figures from the 40th anniversary do have been collated. After the costs of the entertainment etc. have been subtracted, Dep Andy Yates confirmed that £150 has been donated to St Michaels Hospice. A bag of Leeds United / LUSC goodies were also gratefully received at the Hospice shop before Christmas.

Away Games

Despite initially announcing we would not be running a bus to Cardiff, we have now conceded and the bus to Cardiff on Sunday 8th is now nearly full and tickets are still on sale at Elland Road. I think Cardiff are giving us the whole end plus a bit more according to the Leeds United website. I never thought that I would see the day when we would not sell out an away allocation, given our rise into the upper echelons of the PL. I thought the days of being able to pay on the gate at Villa away because no one wanted to go to a midweek away fixture were a thing of the past. However, I think this is more of a combination of post Christmas skintness (including massive gas and leccy bills) and the apathy of Cardiff fans. After all, who wants to go watch two teams who have no interest in progressing into the next round? If someone were to ask me who has the least interest in going through to the 4th round, I would say we are on an equal par, but Cardiff are desperate to stay in the Championship, so I am guessing we will win. Woo hoo.

If anyone has any feedback on away games re stewarding / facilities etc. we are still doing reports for every away game, so please feel free to email any comments (good or bad) after aways so we can keep the Club / police informed.

There are still a few places for Villa away on Friday 13th January, get in touch if you want any travel.

We will aim to continue to try to keep the travel costs as low as possible to help people out as much as we can in the current climate.


There may be an event in early February, please keep a lookout for any details.

We are still doing mailouts and facebook posts simultaneously re aways etc. for those who aren’t on the facebook closed group. If anyone has joined the branch and isn’t receiving these, please can you let us know as soon as possible and we will try to add you to the group. Please note, we are NOT accepting friend requests on facebook for the foreseeable future due to the hacking etc. but we will add you to the closed group when you join up to the branch so you have access to the departure details etc.

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the raffle prizes at the 40th do. I will try to post the pictures up at some point in the gallery. We are having technical issues at the moment.

There will probably not be a monthly branch meeting in February, as we are playing most Sundays. In the event that something important comes up, we will have an informal catch up, otherwise please keep your eyes peeled for any updates on the mail out / closed group.