Poor Eunan O’Kane got Yates-ed ( well nearly) after the Barnsley game in Harrogate. There he was, innocently trying to feed his family, when a portion of the Jolly Whites descended on him.

He was greeted by some very tired (Paul) and emotional people from Bus 1, including The Famous Yates brothers ( and Yates Snr) and several members of the Ripon branch, including Lord Ochiltree. Reports state that even though he was a little surprised at the warm and enthusiastic reception he received in the restaurant which we cannot mention, he was very friendly and happy for the photo opportunity. In true HarrogateWhites fashion, the lad was invited for a drink in ‘Spoons, but he politely declined the chance to sit down with The Jolly Whites and discuss the game over a nice pint of Carling, as he needed some scram.

As you can see from the pictures below, he enjoyed being with the Jolly Whites. Deputy Yates has been instructed to offer him branch membership next time he sees him. Please note – DO NOT PANIC the crutch in picture 2 does not belong to Eunan!

Andy & O KaneDes & O Kane Och & O Kane Paul & Lee & O Kane Paul, Andy O Kane