Football is back!

Welcome to old members and new, we will try to keep to a monthly update as much as possible this season and potentially have an away match report ( depending on availability of said reporters).

Monthly Branch Meeting

Branch meeting will be this Sunday 14th August 8pm at the Londesborough Club. We will be taking bookings for future away games at Sheffield Weds, Notts Forest and Cardiff. We will also be discussing plans for Cardiff away and other long distance away games. The minutes of the branch meetings and those of the LUSC exec meetings will be continued to be emailed out this season to all branch members who have provided us with a valid e mail address.

Away Matches

Pre season games in Ireland were attended by various branch members, pictures and reports in progress as we speak. The Guiseley and Peterborough games also had branch representation.

Buses have been run to both QPR and Fleetwood Town as joint ventures with other supporters groups. The branch will be running buses to Sheffield Weds, Notts Forest and Cardiff, but we have no plans to run transport to Luton Town in 2nd round of the League Cup.

LUSC 250  Draw

The 250 draw is held every two weeks at the LUSC exec meetings. All branch members can buy a share in the draw, at the cost of £26 for a full season. Normal draws are for three prizes of £20, £15 and £10, with special draws every 10 weeks with prizes of £300, £200 and £100. All proceeds of the draw help towards supporting the LUSC. The branch holds shares in this draw and any winnings go towards branch funds, which help subsidise coach travel and any events which branch members attend. We are pleased to report that the branch won £200 in the last draw and the Secretary won £15 in the previous draw. Any branch member wishing to buy any shares in the 250 draw should contact the Secretary.

LUSC Sponsored Player

It has been unanimously agreed that the LUSC continue with the sponsorship of Calvin Phillips this season. Whilst our branch does not have sufficient funds at present, it is hoped that should we ever achieve a good financial position, this may be something that we can consider in the future.