Apologies for the delay for the April update. There have been a couple of busy aways to sort out and of course Easter is always a busy time. So there will be the usual updates and then the blog will continue as per the norm.

Just a quick note though, yesterday was Palm Sunday, celebrating the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. Called Palm Sunday as the people of Jerusalem lined the streets, waving Palm branches. Maundy Thursday is of course, the day of Last Supper and then obviously Good Friday is a very solemn day of Easter reflection. The branch will be of course be en route to Newcastle, so we shall be ensuring that the day is duly recognised by all the branch members, thus in keeping with the spirit of the Easter message, in true Harrogate Whites fashion.

Monthly Branch meeting

The meeting was held on Sunday April 2nd at the Londesborough Club. A quick mention for Middy, nice to see him again, in the company of Dave ( the gardeners ear) Jewitt who supplied us with an interesting update on one of our former players and some juicy goss about Peter Beagrie.

The EFL meeting that the LUSC exec went to, was as stated on our facebook page just a propaganda exercise for Sky. Apparently there were 85 new rules / modifications of the rules this new season for the referees to take in. I wonder how many of them were instructions on what to do if Leeds United have the upper hand in the game? That was the interesting part, the rest of it was just how brilliant Sky are and how they have to give at least 5 weeks notice if they want to change a fixture for the benefit of their viewing figures. Hahahahaha

Two new branches have been accepted into the LUSC fold, the Lincolnshire Whites and the reformed Pontefract Branch. There is also a proposed new Parliamentary LUSC Branch led by John Mann MP Bassettlaw. We believe this is the first LUSC, or any football supporters club of it’s kind in Westminster. So there is hope for the Houses Of Parliament yet!

Lastly, we have had a message from Terry Rankine’s widow. She has thanked the branch for the tribute to Terry and said the flowers were so beautiful that she took them home.

Away Games

Newcastle bus was full up til last night. There are now two places available. There are still places available on the Burton bus for anyone lucky enough to have their own tickets.


Memberships have closed for the year. Memberships are up from last year.


The Media and Publicity Officer is doing as much as possible to keep up with the website and the facebook page as often as possible. We will also try to keep putting articles up for the Leeds United programme. Any contributions are welcome.