There’s not much news for the April 2021 update as yet, seeing as Bojo and the Premier League Circus  still haven’t made up their minds about letting us go back to sitting outside in the fresh air in an outdoor stadium for little under two hours, but will be happy for you to be dragged round inside White Rose / Meadowhell by the missus for 3 hours along with everyone else in a week or so.

Monthly Branch Meeting

Hopefully this will be the penultimate branch meeting forced to be held by zoom. Thanks to all who attended (with or without a big glass of red wine).

There was no LUSC exec meeting in the latter part of March as Kalvin was playing for En-ger-land but there is a Player Of the Month vote for Thursday 8th April. There haven’t been any SAB meetings either but questions have been put to Leeds for the next agenda (see AOB). The MPO won £100 in the last (big) 250 draw though – which has gone towards successfully helping the rust bucket, which is the car, pass it’s MOT for the last time – honest. If anyone does want an 08 plate Ford Ka with an ABS light which reassuringly goes on and off intermittently – please get in touch, usual channels.

Player Of The Month

Thank you all for your March  player votes vie email and facebook. This months votes at the Exec will go to Dallas and Raphinha.


Eric Ware RIP.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to remember Eric with their stories for the tribute and for The Secretary’s speech at his service. Eric’s coffin was fantastic as was the wreath in the shape and colours of our home strip. We are keeping in touch with Joan and have been to see her. She is doing OK, as well as can be expected, she would like us to pass on her thanks to everyone for their kind words.


The raffle will be drawn before the Citeh game on Saturday by The Chairman and Dave Rowson. Thanks to everyone who has taken part and good luck to you all.

We’re Not Leeds, We Are Leeds

Congrats to Dave Rowson on his new (first) book. It covers our European games and promises to be an excellent read, bringing back memories of the Glory European Nights / Days and the not so glorious mornings afterwards, severe steaming hangovers, complete mind blocks, terrible flashbacks and prison cells…. Various branch members have supplied Dave with some “select” pictures from the old days, as has Dougie Kaye (they are definitely HIS photos!) and Dave has procured some from other sources as well. For those of you who don’t / can’t remember those days, it will be a useful guide to help you fill in the blanks. For the ones who are too young to have been there – this is how it used to be before cheap flights. Think yourselves lucky that if / when we do get back into Europe, you’re never going to be sat on a coach for 19 hours just to watch Leeds.

Stan Bowles Calendar

It was decided at the meeting that the branch will support Dave Rowson with his Stan Bowles calendar in aid of Alzheimers Research. Dave is donating some of the money from his book to this very worthwhile cause. He is also going to attempt to raise funds for Alzheimers Research at match days by having a “Stand For Stan” where people will be invited to have their photo taken with the calendar for a donation with a purpose made photo op stand somewhere near ER. Details have yet to be confirmed, but, as I am sure most of you will agree (especially following the “Finding Jack Charlton” documentary), Alzheimers is a terrible disease and research is very much needed into finding some treatment for this horrible disease which robs so many people, and their loved ones, of their lives and, just as importantly, their time. Life is short, time is precious. We will also try to support the Maverick team and Potton Accountancy in their efforts to get a stand named after Stan Bowles at QPR. He was after all, their greatest player, and if Leeds United can have the John Charles, Norman Hunter, Don Revie and Jack Charlton Stands, then other clubs should be making an effort, and recognising their history and their great players too.