The Somercotes branch photo mission ( Derby away 15th October 2016) finally resulted in some decent group pictures. It took a little bit of time to organise everyone to be facing the same way for a start, however, persistence prevailed and here are the results of the photoshoot. The branch flag in a rare outing, is still going strong and looked good at 11.30am on a cold, misty, autumn morning, the same cannot be said for some of the branch members! Included in the picture are members from the Ripon LUSC, who travel with us on a regular basis. Some of the members even managed not to have a drink in their hands for at least 5 minutes, so not a bad effort at all on their part.


Our thanks have to go to Mandy and all the staff at The Crown Inn, Somercotes, as well as the neighbours of said pub, who were treated to an impromptu and lively version of Marching On Together.