This weeks topical discussions include a mixture of O Level geometry and English, as well as the on going discussion of who The Chairman’s favourite cartoon characters were when he was growing up. Of course this implies that The Chairman has actually grown up…. Invited into the fray was the resident branch novelist, celebrated author Sonia, Ken, the man who’s aim it is to be in The Chairman’s inner circle and Steve The Pedant, who’s nemesis is citrus flavoured chocolate products.

Mathematical principles.

Q: So why is it that it is called an inner circle?

A: Eh?

Q: Why does it have to be an inner circle? What’s wrong with an inner square or a triangle? Even a rectangle?

A: Probably because inner rhombus just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Ring?? (drum roll and cymbal)

Q: But who decided it had to be a circle? What’s the point of a circle?

A: A circle doesn’t have a point, Charley, that’s why it’s called a circle. If it had a point it would be a pyramid.

Sonia: I knew a girl who went across a circle, she was called Di – Diameter

Ken: I knew a guy who just went halfway across, he’s called Ray – Ray Dius

A: I knew a Lord who went all the way round – they called him Sir , Sir Cumference.

The Chairman’s Inner Circle

Ken: So what do I need to do to get into your Inner Circle Charley?

A: My inner circle is closed now, there is only 4 people allowed.

Sonia: So there’s only 4 sides, so shouldn’t that be an inner square then?

CC: No, only four people, it is closed.

Ken: What if one of them leaves? How does another one get in if it is closed?

Sonia: Yes, what about the other 2996?

CC: No , these are my inner circle, not my followers, I have 3000 followers.

Sonia: So these 4 aren’t even your followers?

CC: No these are my inner circle.

Q: So none of your followers can be in your inner circle, then? What’s the point of that?

CC: It’s a circle, there is no point.

Cartoon Capers & Caricatures

CC: Which cartoon character would you go out with?

A: Eh?

CC: If you could go out with a cartoon character, who would it be?

A: It’s not something I have really put a lot of thought into actually. Why on earth would you think of something like that?

CC: No, just, without thinking, who would you go out with from a cartoon? What about Penelope Pitstop?

A: You’d have to deal with Peter Perfect and The Ant Hill Mob, so you wouldn’t get a look in there.

Steve: Jessica Rabbit

CC: No, she’s real, she’s not a proper cartoon character.

Steve: She’s not real, Charley.

CC: I thought about Wilma from the Flintstones, but she just shouts too much. You’d never get a moments peace.

Dave: What about Betty?

CC: Oh yes, Betty. No wonder Barney married her.

Citrus based chocolate products

(Victory Jaffa cakes were offered round after the game)

Steve: No thanks, I can’t stand them.

A: Eh?

Steve: I just don’t like them.

Q: But you eat oranges?

Steve: Yep

Q: You like chocolate?

Steve: Yep

Q: What about Terry’s chocolate orange? Tap It, Unwrap It?

Steve: Ugh

Q: Quality Street Orange Creme?

Steve: Even worse

Q: What’s up with you man?

Steve: I like both in isolation, just when the two are put together, can’t cope. And it’s not just oranges, it’s any citrus product in combination with chocolate

CC: Is that your Kryptonite then?

Steve: I suppose so

CC: Do you lose all your super powers in the presence of a Jaffa Cake?

Steve: I didn’t know I had any. If I had, I could break into your inner circle.

CC: Not if there were any Jaffa cakes nearby you wouldn’t.

thanks to googleimages for the picture of The Pedant’s kryptonite