Again, The Chairman tells me that this is the photo of the famous T shirt from the 90s.

According to The Chairman, many people have enquired about this particular T shirt over the years. The picture below was taken in Benidorm in 1985. It was also worn to the Bournemouth game in 1990 on that particularly hot day where he was unfortunately burnt to crispy critter. The Secretary tells me that The Chairman is still bearing the scars of that game. If anyone wishes to see these scars, I believe they are on his shoulders somewhere. I am pretty sure if you are brave enough to¬† ask The Chairman to show you his war wounds, he will oblige. Sadly, I do not know if this T shirt still exists in any shape or form. If it did, it would be interesting to see what exactly that yellow thing on the front is the champion of. I can’t remember what 80s product the T shirt could possibly be promoting, answers on a postcard please….