Apologies for the delay. The Chairman had passed these on at the Newcastle game but alas the carnage that ensued from that game resulted in the MPO needing to take some time away. The Chairman has also asked that his endorsement of Leicester Forest East KFC be mentionned, in fact he wholehearted would like to pledge his support for KFC as the means of satisfying the hunger of any Leeds United fan on the way back from an away game. I am not entirely sure if we need to put this to a vote at the AGM before I advertise this any further, given it is only The Chairman who expresses this at this moment in time. The Chairman is also keen to share “memory match” info, so The MPO will endeavour to do this next season, as The Chairman seems keen to continue with this section.

So, here are more memories from years gone by, which in his own words, The Chairman found at the bottom of his drawers.

Knaresboro May 89 1 Knaresboro May 89 2 Knaresboro May 89 3From another year…bit of topical European interest..

march 92 1 March 92 2

and finally, something that The Chairman thought was very interesting

Jan 95 minutes