The Chairman was on form over the festive period. No doubt many of you have seen the footage on You Tube etc. so I won’t bore you with the details. Here are some wise words which were shared with Mr Rowson over the last week or so. They aren’t quite New Year Messages, but they are the best The MPO could do at this short notice. There will be more after the monthly branch meeting on Sunday 14th January.

Charley’s suggestion of playing Club Atletico Independiente in the centenary match 2019 going down well
FC Bayern Munich, even as (false) European champions, didn’t find compatible schedule together with South-American champions, Club Atlético Independiente, to play the 1975 Intercontinental Cup. He thinks we should now play the game that should’ve happened.
Here is The Chairman before he did his tribute to Kylie’s Spinning Around, with this unsuspecting lady.
The Chairman would like to thank everyone who celebrated with him on his birthday bash round Leeds.