It wasn’t even an hour into the journey down to Ipswich before The Chairman had come out with some right crackers. I wish I could do service to all of them, sadly, I can’t, so this will have to do.

Peter Skellern sadly passed away last week and I have duly posted a tribute on the branch facebook page under instructions from Charley.  The Chairman stated that he thinks both Peter Skellern and Peter Sarstedt should be made honorary members of Harrogate & District LUSC. Probably Peter Sarstedt more so, given how often Where Do You Go To My Lovely is requested on the coach on the way back from an away game. Given that other societies have taken to adding members who they think would want to belong to their groups, it was decided that this should be discussed at the next branch meeting.

As is the usual in these conversations, The Chairman then decided that other notary figures should also be considered for honorary branch membership, given their specific skill set and any similarities that may or may not resonate with our branch. Napoleon Bonaparte was one suggestion, quickly over-ruled on the grounds that he was French, so Nelson was suggested as a more appropriate choice (not wishing to be short-ist or French-ist of course). It was flagged up that Scandinavians are notorious Leeds fans, so both Hagar The Horrible and Noggin The Nog were also put forward by the Media & Publicity Officer.

Somehow, The Chairman associated all of these conversations with an episode of Basil Brush, where the puppet itself fell off and all you could see the was the two fingers of the puppeteer. I have no idea why the Chairman would associate that image with the branch, but he is The Chairman after all, and what he says goes…

Further investigation into Basil Brush by the MPO has found this little story, which The Chairman has probably never seen before and therefore I have added it, in hope that it gives The Chairman further insight into the character of our potential honorary member.

Please note that the branch does not endorse hate crimes, the selling of lucky heather or pegs and definitely takes exception to the use of hypnotism as a means of inducing favour with the opposite sex.

Noted incitor of hate crime Mr B Brush in his pre Strasbourg Court Of Human Rights days


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