Who else is fed up with hearing that phrase? Who else is sick to death of that “holier than thou” attitude of some of our “top” footballing heroes and commentators? Who else is tired of hearing the same contradictory, patronising, agenda driven drivel from SkyTVisf**kings**t? Who else is hacked off with the bare faced cheek of the rank hypocrisy from these old footballing treasures? It’s just not how we do things here……? No. It’s more of a case of do as I say, not do as I do. If karma ever does come to them, they would find that eventually those who live in glass houses would be showered by an avalanche of boulders.

In fact, in the last 10 days we have been subject to some of the most terrifically bad on field decisions that some of “leading teams in Britain” fielding some of “the best footballers in the world” have duped the officials into. But of course, this is done “in the spirit of the game”, our beautiful game. Because these “professional” fouls, diving incidents in the penalty box, shirt pulling in the penalty area when taking corners and free kicks, appealing for free kicks and throw ins when it is clearly NOT the correct decision, feigning injury, blatant time wasting (game management according to the mealy mouthed pundits on SkyTVisf**kings**t) etc. is NEVER done by any player in the Premier League, because… it’s just not how we do things in this country, apparently.  It’s just these foreign managers, who don’t know the “proper” rules, who don’t understand how “we” play football in this country. After all, there are no managers in the Premier League who would ever blame a loss on the refereeing decision…. Unthinkable that the ref would ever be used as a scapegoat for a crap performance. It’s just not the done thing in this country.

Take the VAR decision against PSG. That was ball to hand everytime. The ball was never destined to go anywhere near the goal. Take the penalty decision at the Emirates on Sunday when Fred elbowed Lacazette in the back, that was a soft penalty if I have ever seen one. In fact, it was so soft, that koala bear hugging onto those toilet rolls would be positively asleep in it within seconds. As much as I hate Cardiff, they deserved to beat West ham, purely for the sole reason that Hernandez is a diving cheat. Not to mention all those appalling high challenges which littered just about every single game. Some of them potentially career ending tackles, but most brushed under the carpet under the guise of “gutsy challenges”. Not many were actually mentioned, let alone rewound and replayed on Match of The Day by Mr Squeaky Clineker (who has never put a foot wrong of course).  The only replays were the new “players view” angles, which were basically another tool to fool the viewer and only show what they want you to see. Not called the Biased Broadcasting Company for nothing!

When it comes to the Premier League, and I suppose, in some ways, the Championship, it is clear who the flavours of the month are. It is clear who they prefer to devote the majority of the airtime to. It is easy to see through the thinly disguised post match interview questioning in order to provoke a response. Hence why Bielsa has to be congratulated for treating them with the contempt that they so deserve.

At the head of it all are the grey, double breasted suited, jobs for the boys dinosaurs that are in charge of the FA and the EFL. The ones who are responsible for all that is wrong about the game, our beautiful game, in England. However long they are in charge, our football will never get any better.

There was a little light humour however.

This weekend, in a spectacular faux pas that can only ever be of the scale attributed to that of the EFL, a statement was released by them stating that they condoned the actions that occurred on the pitch in the second city derby. One can only assume this is Shaun Harvey’s parting shot or whoever wrote it was Shaun Harvey’s second in command. It was altered but only after it was captured on social media for all and sundry to see. After all, nothing is ever truly deleted on social media.

Now there is a big hoo ha about the “safety of players” after the events at Birmingham and in Scotland. This subject will be left to the next blog. Let’s just enjoy the moment we have…