Indignity or indignation, or even in dignity –  however you choose to read it.

After the horror show that was Sutton, I expected, nay demanded, a fightback. Blackburn at home and then a trip to the John Smith stadium was on the cards, and I, like many others basically wanted blood.

The Blackburn match was uninspiring and unenthusiastic to say the least, apart from the last 15 minutes of the game. I thought the first half was terrible, and spent most of it fuming about how annoyed I felt at Sutton, and thinking up various expletives to shout at the team if we didn’t get a result after 90 minutes. Luckily enough, up popped Pontus for a fantastic header and the lad saved the day once again. So, I was placated and though still very cross about Sutton, went about my business, and branch business, preparing for the away game at the weekend. This was of course made difficult by Huddersfield deciding to limit the away allocation by segregating the stand behind the goal, rather than giving us the whole end as in previous seasons. To be fair to them, they did fill the ground. Or at least what was left of it after their sponsors decided to maximise advertising space by using huge flags which drastically reduced the number of available seats, rather than the bog standard advertising hoardings. I can’t say I have seen such dedicated sponsorship packages before at a stadium, normally seats are for sitting in, but hey, this is Huddersfield, and this must just be how they roll.

When they came to Elland Road earlier this season, simply put, we could not cope with their midfield. That guy Mooy did all the damage, so this time round I thought Garry with two Rs would have learned from his mistakes, and fielded a stronger and more steadfast midfield. Unfortunately, lessons had not been learnt, and whilst our defence coped admirably in the beginning, our midfield was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. And before anyone starts on me about how brilliant Bridcutt and Vieira are, what we needed on Sunday was Batty and McAllister, not Torvill and Dean. We needed a midfield who could trap the ball and hold it up until the wingers and Wood regrouped, not someone who got the ball but then just gave it straight back, or lost it straight away. There are some games when you need a couple of quick flair players, others when you just need a big brick wall. From where I was standing time and time again, I saw high balls being foisted across to two of our smallest players in the middle, who frankly never stood a chance. As for the substitutions, well, I agree that something had to change, but given Pablo looked like the bunny with the crap batteries in the Duracell ad, I would have taken him off before Dallas, who looked better when he switched to the right side. Apparently Roofe and Sacko weren’t available, so Garry with two Rs had no option but to play his two new players. Two players who had only just signed up and had maybe just two days of trying to fit in to a team. The lad, Pedranza had a chance at goal early on, but poor Mo Barrow may have well have been sat in a barrow. Me, well I would have started with Phillips and Eunan O Kane, and then brought on that bit of pace in the second half, to try and get a winner. It was always going to be hard going, but you have got to learn from your mistakes. As for those free kicks that Pablo pretended to take, I have two words to say, Matt Grimes.

I can’t finish without mentioning what happened at the end. I haven’t seen a copy of the YEP yet, but I am pretty sure words like “disgraceful scenes” and “shameful behaviour” will be up there. The YEP have got their predictive text down to a tee when it comes to Leeds United. I didn’t see very much myself when their winner went in. I remember going, “don’t let him cross” and then the inevitable happened, somehow the ball hit the back of the net. All from our free kick, which we gave away. I didn’t even know the bearded one had run down the pitch to celebrate, so when I saw the melee by the dugouts and the Leeds players, led by Captain Bartley all diving in, I just assumed that we were bad losers and just couldn’t take it. When I got back to the bus, there was talk that Garry with two Rs had shoulder barged him and got a big shaking off the bearded one for doing it. I didn’t realise that this had all happened in our technical area and he shouldn’t have been in there in the first place. Having seen the stuff posted on social media, I thought I had better share it myself, as Garry did walk across him with his hands in his pockets, as I probably would have done myself. The reaction he got from the little bearded man was excessive really, and although it was good to see all our players going in to defend Garry with two Rs honour, there will be repercussions.

Whilst many focussed on the fisticuffs, Garry with two Rs nonchalantly wandered off with his hands in his pockets, sloping away like Paul Kersey in those fabulous Michael Winner films did. One of my all time favourite actors Charles Bronson, the gravitas of the man, the dignity