October – Full Stop-tober, international break week. No proper football as the international teams get to play on the traditional footballing days of er- Thursday and Saturday (depending on which National team you support). Big Sam Allardyce is out of a job after 67 days – as if we as Leeds fans can joke about that! The Daily Telegraph doing its best investigative reporting to reveal the serious corruption problems that are going on in football. Its a shame it hasn’t done more “in depth reporting” about the scandal at the heart of football, FIFA and UEFA. It’s not like there hasn’t been MILLIONS of pounds, dollars, euros etc. changing hands in briefcases/envelopes/Swiss bank accounts, with major law enforcement companies like the FBI and Interpol/Europol, whatever it is called now, being drafted in.

No, The Daily Telegraph has obviously bigger fish to fry, in wait, London, with talk of princely sum of wait – £30 grand! Hours of “incriminating video footage” of people talking about what you can and can’t do in football. Some journo impersonating someone with money asking how to get round rules. What a load of rubbish. For crying out loud, you’ve got Blatter and ” French World Cup Hero” Platini with MILLIONS of actual money in bank accounts that they shouldn’t have. You’ve got Olympic committees GIVING MILLIONS away because they think its ok to do that. ENTIRE COUNTRIES dolling out money to “representatives on behalf of Nations” to get tournaments and events to be played in their countries, and The Daily Telegraph think that having a chat after dinner and some drinkies constitutes a major story. Talk about clutching at straws. It’s the equivalent of that bloke in the pub who knows someone, who knows someone else, who could have a word in the ear – like of someone else. No one gives a crap! Not public interest.

What is public interest is what deal the Premier League and Football League have with TV companies, so that they can move games at the drop of a hat to increase viewing figures. What influence they have over the police – yes, a public institution paid for by taxpayers – over fixtures that have to be moved for allegedly “public safety” reasons. How much British teams get paid by TV companies to reschedule games. What National teams and the FA do with the money they get from TV companies and advertising sponsors? Didn’t some FA Chairman get half a million in bonuses ontop of his FA wage and perks one year? What about that then?

You have sport being ruined by advertising, sponsorship, intellectual property and TV rights etc. and no one doing a thing about it. Cricket matches in India / the Middle East, with Test players being involved, played in empty stadiums because the ticket prices are too high, and then players being “rested” in County championships games because they might pick up a strain. Premiership teams crying out for the “Winter Break” because of too many games, then going to play in the US or Australia in “friendly” moneyspinners. Teams complaining about fixture build ups, but then having weeks of pre-season friendlies in Asia and the US, that’s public interest.

The FA Cup and the League Cup, OUR traditional Cups are basically being belittled by the “Premiership Elite” because, money is the most important thing my friend, not football. The “Glory of The Beautiful Game” is being ruined by money, you see it in the weakened sides being played in the early rounds of the Cup, as not getting relegated from the Premiership is more important. The “Champions League” is basically evolving into what the “Big European Clubs” want anyway, games that they think people will want to watch on telly so they can get the massive advertising revenues in. The longer Scum stay out of the Champions League places the better. AC Milan are in the same boat in Italy. So the next thing is that they (UEFA) want to be able to “invite” teams with a big European history to play in the Champions League. So not really a “Champions” league then, more like “who can generate more money for UEFA coffers” League. I bet they weren’t very happy with BT Sport getting the TV rights to it, as the viewing figures were down last season. Too right as well, who wants commentary by Has been Ferdinand and Michael Owen. It probably isn’t them anymore, but I remember thinking Michael Owen? Really?

This is what happens when there is no football, you start seeing what they don’t want you to see. So, the Mothership sends out the message to find some distraction, and hey presto – let’s blame Cellino! But if I was the new Cardiff manager – let’s blame Tom Lees….