So the countdown to Christmas has begun, and what a start!

It is pretty unanimous that we gave a good account of ourselves in the quarter final in Liverpool last week. I thought Roofe played really well and deserved a goal. We could have easily got a result if the ball hadn’t come off post like it did or if Bartley’s free header was on target.┬áThe injury to O Kane and resulting early substitution had an impact on our shape and, I genuinely think that if Wood had started the game instead of coming on as sub, it would have made a massive difference. It was Garry’s decision at the end of the day, and I completely understand that he wanted to keep the faith with the Cup side that we had gone the distance with. One of the best highlights of the night was watching the new West stand emptying to the shouts of “Is it a fire drill? Is it a fire drill?”, they didn’t quite understand the irony as they trudged up the stairs in silence. To be fair to Liverpool, I have inside information that said that tickets for the game were sold out to season ticket holders even before the members had a chance to get them, so Leeds United sold out their ground for them, kinda anyway. As usual, I don’t pay very much attention to social media apart from what I have to do on facebook and here of course, but someone on the telly had said that Leeds fans were easily drowned out by the home supporters. Seeing as I don’t have a degree in Acoustic Sciences, I can only assume that he wasn’t sat anywhere near where I was. But, I suppose if you can’t let something speak for itself and you feel that you have to make the point on telly, you have already lost that argument anyway.

Glad tidings we bring, to you and your kin. We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Handmade Nativity scene in a snowfilled yard